No Smoking Day

Hot Chocolate time again!


well its that old time when I would have gone for a fag but have replaced that with a yummy aero hot choc and a post on the forum.

amazingly I have had a single piece of nicotine gum yet today and am still patch free. I cant believe it!!

Im defo in the right head space for this at the moment and am just taking each day as it comes.

keep up the good work everyone xxxx:D

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U and ur hot chocolate - it's like me and my peppermint tea lol. U r doing so well with ur quit moog, is that day 6 now? it's day 6 for me and I feel great. Keep it up moog :)


Ha ha it makes me laugh!! and Im just on here all the time but it really helps me.

Im one day behind you Phil, Im on day 5 but so far today Ive had no form of NRT yet which is a good thing. had an awful day yesterday but felt great today when I got up.

How are you doing today?



Hi Sam :D :D

Well done yesterday great win over old nic enjoy your hot chocolate so gald you feel great this morning and no gum yet that's brilliant and still patch free all this success already on Day 5 go girl go and taking each day as it comes is best but you proved something to yourself yesterday keep it up




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