No Smoking Day

please read!

its 9:35 am and already there are over 13 people looking in on day1, i just wanted to advise you of how i quit for 7 and a half weeks, and here it is 'i used this forum'. this is a great place to get advise and the much needed support we all need, every question is answed and there are always people from every stage you can think of waiting to reply to you. please read as much as you can and remember that you and you alone are in charge of your own life, good luck!!!

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Thank you!


your welcome 'this time' good luck on your quit although im sure you wont need it ;)


Hi S L :D

Good Morning welcome back after your few days away

Love Margxxxxxxx



Great post, and couldnt of put it better, these forums are the reason a lot of people on here have remained in their quit.

You will always get the support encourgement advise or just a kick up the butt if needed on here :)




Go Sour Link!!! Woo hoo!!! I'm not sure if anyone's suggested it but is it worth suggesting to those who stop smoking today to create a 'team name'? I know it's certainly helped boost my morale...


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