No Smoking Day
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Good luck to all quitting tomorrow- NSday here you come!

I'd like to say well done on your decision and welcome to this wonderful forum :D

I have always dreaded No Smoking day in the past, and hid when i smoked, avoided the kids egging me on to quit etc..- yet at the weekendI passed a NHS stand at the supermarket and was able to tell them I'd quit- and it was a great feeling!

I smoked a lot, and for over 26 years, and stopped 10 days ago now. I too dreaded that first day, i dreaded 'surviving' without my crutch, coping with stress, all the usual, and more. I thought I'd turn into the mad woman from hell and bite the postman's head off- but no, it was surprisingly better than i imagined :)

Visit this forum, post often, read the links and learn, get the support you need, visit us when you're having a crave, make friends in the same boat as you, and support others- i have lack of support from my partner, so this site really got me through those first few days- and it still does :)

I have my 'crave days', but it's not worth it-

i smell better, fresh & clean

I am on my way to better health

I will live longer for my children

I will not be bringing stale smoke into the house to rub off on my children

I will not litter my garden table with fag butts!

I will save money- I ahve used my £5 daily to treat myself, eventually i'll put it towards something useful, but for now i go out and buy something for ME.. flowers, nice smellies, a dvd( bought a few of those this week!) something nice to nibble( Mine was a sushi treat!) and a gift for the toddler :)

My day will not revolve around smoking- planning a night out at the theatre for instance used to worry me.. can't smoke in trains or stations, can't smoke in theatre.. when will i have my fix?!

I won't need to nip out at work.. therefore finish on time!

I will set a better example to my children

I work behind a ciggy counter in a supermarket part-time.. and have found that easier than i thought- smell the heavy smokers, and soon the smell will make you stand back and wrinkle your nose!

Good luck, and have a wonderful smoke free day tomorrow!!


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Had to comment on your post as reading it made me think I may have written it myself ;)

Well done on getting this far, the benefits are amazing & fast considering how long we've been abusing ourselves!

Agree with the smell - horrified to think I smelt like that & even asked my Mum the other day why she never told me :eek: She said she wouldn't offend someone by saying the stink lol.

I went to the o2 arena last week & had to go up huge escalators to get to the right level, I walked, FAST, got to the top took a big deep breath & felt great! All these years since having a baby I've put the breathlessness down to being unfit & it isn't at all.

Keep it up, I'm on day 31, nearly 32 & it's the best thing I've ever done. I can now criticise smoking to my Son, whereby before I couldn't, plus I've noticed he kisses me on the lips now :)


That was a great post, Minnie!!! You are the perfect example of staying positive and reminding yourself of the benefits even during tough days. It is the only way to go.... unless you wanna go suffering. Great job on 10 days!!! :D:D


Hy great post. It drummed it in even more why i should,nt let the nico demon get the better of me........ Now on day 4 and do not want to go bak down that road again...... I,ll read this again when i feel the urge :)


Good luck to all who have choosen today to quit!



Indeed - all the best to everyone on day 1 today :D


You can do it!


Hi Minnie

Great post well done indeed it puts into words what most of us on here feel

Good luck to everyone quitting today



Yes I would like to say Great post Minnie well done hunnie.

Also very good luck all you day ones it is soooooooooo worth it. Please have a look at stus link it will help you all.xxxxxxxxxx



that is my favorite link. I try and quote it and have no idea how to show it as a link! Good luck also to all new quitters. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. x



that is my favorite link. I try and quote it and have no idea how to show it as a link! Good luck also to all new quitters. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. x

One of my favourites too, so inspirational. Somehow turns a bad day into a battle cry... BRING IT ON!!!!

Another 2 of my favourites: "You Come Too" and "Choose Your Pain"


Had not found the first, but had read the second. The links are terrific! Its a shame there is no 'sticky' option to post not only the links to the general websites but also the welcome to hell and tales from the quit. Also, I have to confess that I didnt realise that if I cut and pasted the address from the website it does show it as a link. So, I am officially a bit of a dim non smoker.


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