No Smoking Day

Have i just been lucky?

As day 11 comes to an end i have been thinking all about "my quit"

Have i the worse to come? i feel fine, i dont crave a fag and have gone nearlt complete days without thinking of them?

Going to work without fags, No problem

Getting in the car without fags, dont bother me

Being around smokers, dont bother me (but christ,, dont smokers stink)

The only one suffering appears to be my lovely Choc Labrador, she always went in the garden when i went for a smoke, now i keep forgeting to let her out!

I havent posted for a couple of days as i honestly forgot about smoking and this forum.

Am i normal?

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Thanks, i am aware of the "just one", no one else in the family smoke and i feel great to join them.


You probably have been lucky but then again, you probably went into this with the right mindset. I think a lot of us have found it is a LOT easier than expected, it isn't painful, and it is certainly very do-able!

In fact a lot of people have said the same as I think - why didn't I do it before???!

Be prepared though - I hit some quite tricky days at about 3 weeks. I got bored of quitting, I wasn't sure I liked the 'new' me. I did begin to find I missed smoking. Then I realised that it was the HABIT that I missed - not the actual cigarette!

It takes a few weeks to break a habit that has been learned over many years - i just had to be a bit more patient!

You sound as though you have this thing sorted - but just be aware!

Well done and keep posting.:D

Nicki x


I got bored of quitting

Nicki x

That is exactly what i get worried about, is my mind thinking "no fags for a while" instead of "no more fags"


Hi B B Fags

If you have been lucky then so have I as I also didn't have any real trouble this time either but everyother time was hell

Having said that watch out for week 3 which can be a bit tricky and never under estimate those sneaky little Nico :eek: Demons they creep up on you and then pounce just be a little wary

You are doing really well keep it up




... is my mind thinking "no fags for a while" instead of "no more fags"

I don't think that matters to start with. I set myself small goals, just get through each day until I felt brave enough to think - 'I'm going to quit for a year'. Now, 2months on, I don't EVER want to go back to smoking. (OK - I might still have one on my 99th birthday!)

One of my reasons for quitting was that I could no longer afford it. I know now that even if I won the lottery, I wouldn't go back to being a smoker.

So don't worry, as you become more accustomed to life without ciggies, you will feel more like 'no more fags ever!'


Hi, BB Fags, I feel like I was lucky too. Didn't seem to be very hard to quit. I kept thinking something else was coming to trip me up.(Still keeping my eyes open on that) Wish I would have done it earlier! I think this was just the right time to quit and this forum has provided me with the information and the support I need. Will for you too. Keep on smiling.

Quit: Jan 18, 2009

Method: CT


I also think, the succesful quit is the quit when your mind is mentally prepared. Saying that, the three week was like a brick wall! Up till then I had bobbed around not too bad. Then when it did hit I had forgotten alot of what i'd read and needed support from the forum and lots of reading of the links to settle myself. You have done terrifically well !! Continue!! xx


Am i normal?

Yup. :D

Everyone has their own way of stopping the fags and goes through things at their own pace - what's normal for someone else might not be normal for you.

And yeah, it's also completely normal to forget about this place together with forgetting about the fags - I've long maintained that apart from the unlucky people who fall off the wagon, disappearing from this forum is a great sign, even if the next generation of quitters don't get the benefit of your experiences...

I do feel sorry for your dog though :D

I smoked my last cigarette 11 Months, 4 Weeks, 1 Day, 10 hours and 8 minutes ago. I have £2,988.78 that I haven't spent on 12,719 cigarettes and saved 1 Month, 1 Week, 6 Days, 3 hours and 55 minutes of my life.


I have found it alot easier than I thought and DH has found it very easy and hasnt given it a second thought since quitting. He has decided to drop the inhalator this weekend because he says he is worried it will become the habit. I will continue with mine until a little later because I feel confident with it in these early days.

We are all different but what matters is that we succeed!

Keep it up!


Great job, BBF..... we all expect it to be hell..... I personally am apparently a 'difficult' case as I am not quite enjoying myself so much and minding quit a lot the discomfort that comes along BUT that is my twisted and problematic mind... that's all :D I have seen people quit with NO problem at all (including my ex) so I know it IS possible..... I WISH IT FOR YOU. Don't look for stuff....... make it easy for yourself..... great, great job.... you sound good :)

"Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so"


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