No Smoking Day
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Yeh nearly end of day 3

Well i,ve nearly got to the end of day 3!!!! Its been pretty good not thought to much bout it. Hit me wen got home from work but i told myself i can do this and had something to eat and drink instead....... My nico demon is dying yehhhh!!!!!!! My throat seems to b bit sore maybe coz keep waking up with a dry mouth! Nice to see my quit buddy bak today....... Still taking it day to day as dont want to get to complacent but i have alot more determination has dont want to keep going bak to day 1......... Keep up the good work everyone :)

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Hi LilBear :D

You are doing so well nearly 1/2 a week now that's great so glad things are going well and you sound a lot more determined now as well just hang in there you can do this




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