No Smoking Day

DAy 7 and FED UP !!

Not a good day today, only half day at work and when i watched 2 friends pop out for a ciggie my stomach was in knots ! My mind is postive, don't want to smoke, done 7 days by this evening, and feel really good mentally and physically,but, I didn't feel 'right' not going out there and even feel a bit grouchy.

On a positive note I've done so so well from 25 fags per day to NONE, I sleep better, feel better and smell better and so I need to just get 'used' to being a non-smoker. I am thinking of fags a lot but turning my thoughts into the reality-not 'ooh i miss them and one would be nice' but 'well i used to have a fag at this time but now instead of having one il deep breath 10 times and the feeling/thinking will pass'. This is helping me greatly but it's like the thought of a white stick has been embedded in my eyes !!!

Maybe I just feel a bit down for unknown reasons I don't know but I am one miserable moo moo today. Minniminxz I will meet you in the 2nd weel forum tomorrow for sure. Everyone else out there, well done and keep the faith !!!!!

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Sorry to hear you are feeling fed up today Dee Dee. This will pass and you will feel so proud of yourself for not giving in. As you say, it is just the thought of that white stick and not the craving. It's funny you should mention them being embedded in your eyes. I'm only on day 2 and all I can see is them, BUT I'm not going to have one. I actually caved at the weekend, having started my quit last Wednesday, but picked myself up and re-started my quit yesterday and do you know I feel better now than I did last week.

Keep up the good work Dee Dee you know you can do this. Just keep taking those deep breaths and getting loads of fresh air inside you.:)

All the best

Keep on keeping the faith





Keep the faith !!

Hi Jan, thank you and well done to you, It's good you lapsed but never gave in so pat yourself on the back..It's good you have stopped again.

It's great you replied so quick, gives me strength and makes me realize I am by no means alone. Probably just having a miserable day I suppose and maybe my day would be gloomy if i still smoked. It's the habit side that makes us keep thinking of them but like you say deep fresh breaths help.

You keep going and let me know how you get on x


Thanks Dee Dee for the encouragement. I think we all need some of that now and again. It really does help.

I will keep in touch and let you know.

All the bes




De De Hi babes

Dont feel to bad It may just be an off day you know we all get them now and again smoking or not. But we will get bad days just has the time gose by we get much more good ones thank God. you will feel better tomorrow Im sure.xxxxxx


Hi Dee

Day 7 that's 1 whole week completed now sorry you feel a bit down but this is something that happens now and then to all of us as is you feeling like that when 2 of your freinds popped out for one

You will feel better again tomorrow and much more cheerful and I bet you had days like this before you quit as well just hang in there big hug on it's way just for you




The days do get easier. Keep going, you are doing brilliantly. Just be aware of the little demon and push on through to the other side. The longer you quit positively the more self confident you become. Remember, smoking doesnt get the jobs done quicker, make your stress go away, relax you, hype you up. Its Just An Illusion......


Dee Dee..... I hope day 8 was okay for you -- I am forever late with my replies as I am 8 hours behind you :D Listen.... you did great. Some tough days to still come.....many more good ones..... this is a big deal and we are making a huge change in our lives..... I smoked for so many years..... all day every hour or so.... and I wish I could just erase it all but I can't.... IT DOES TAKE A LITTLE TIME! I feel badly for us girlies..... we have this pms/pmt sh.... going on and I feel it makes it harder.... sometimes I'm the wicket witch and I try so hard to be nice..... we will be BETTER without em smokes..... just trust that. Keep :):) We CAN do this.

"Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so"


Hi Dee :D

Hope you feel better this morning I promise you it will get easier very soon you can do this we all have off days and as you know a fag dpes not make them any better




Morning Dee Dee

Your in week two hun I know you could do it CONGRATS. Hope you feel a little better today Babes. At least you can hold your head up for no smoking day way because you dont smoke.xxxxxxxxx


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