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My head hurts!!


I feel like baging my head on the table!

Im ok but my head is hurting, Ive taken some painkillers and I know its all for the good but its really hurting!

Defo learnt my lesson from doubling up on NRT and wont be doing that any more. going to try with minimal amounts of gum as I feel abit of a wreck today. still positive in my mind though!

going for a walk and might treat myself to a new brightly coloured top with the cash Ive saved so far.

over and out for abit xxxxx

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Doubling up on NRT????????

Not a good idea, we tend to forget that after smoking nicotine is most widely know of as an insecticide :eek:

I was on patches with chewing gum when I really wanted one, but now Ive ditched the patches and am just on gum, only had one today!

i think i sounded abit dramatic in last post!!

Hi Moog

I am so sorry you are not feeling at all well I can relate to wanting to bang your head on the table I felt like that a couple of times early on but it will pass I promise, probably a good idea to ditch the patches and you can always go back to them if you need to

Am glad that in spite of feeling grotty you are still so positive :D

Did you get the top




no I didnt get a top, wasnt in the right frame of mind for shopping! did get a new butty bag from boots though made from recycled plastic bottles. not that exciting!!


I have a jumper from Marks thats made out of recycled plastic bottles! It is most exciting!! Or not. Maybe I need to get a life. You will emerge like a butterfly after the end of the first week. No headaches. Just a lovely clear head and a bottle top buttie bag. xx

thanks fiona x

hope you are doing ok too:D

I am down to small 'occasions'! It can hit you a bit out of the blue as the cravings get further apart, as you forget what they are like for a while! Mostly brilliant though! You are doing great, how are you feeling without the patches? x


feeling ok now after a strange day, but im well proud of myself as Im off the cigs and off the patches AND ive got a cute little lunch bag, lol xxxx



I did the patches, ditched them at three weeks and to be honest it was like having to quit all over again! You are so doing the right thing ditching them now. The sooner you can ditch the nicotine the better I would say! Will you be filling your boots bottle buttie bag with bacon, beetroot, bubbly, brownies and bogroll? ;)

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