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day 4, no patch!


Woke up this morning with a sore tongue (too many gums) and had a hectic morning.....forgot to put my patch on......panicked and then thought that I would not race home and get one but try and manage with just my gum. so far so good, Im waiting for something to happen but Im not sure what. Feeling ok at the mo and looking forward to my bubbly aero hot choc at 10.30. researching at work today so that should keep me busy.

but Im on day 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thats brilliant and Im sooooo pleased with myself.

have a good day everyone xxx:)

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Hi Moog :D

Day 4 already that's great and you are doing really well sorry your gums are sore You say you had a hectic morming and forgot to put patch on that in itself should tell you how well you are doing don't worry about it am sure you will be fine without it and you have your gum for emergencies and nothing will happen if you don't want it to

You have every right to be pleased with yourself a pat on the back is definitely in order



thanks marg, I think im going to be on here alot today. Im going to feel great if I can get through it patch free and maybe will do a little dance!


Hi Moog :D

Come on here as much as you need to we are all here for you

I think for sure you will be doing a little dance you can do this Moog patch or no patch Just hang in there


Margxxxxxxxx :D

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