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6 months

I'm sure I can be forgiven for being a couple of days early... reason, I'm not around much these days, and I don't think I will be on Weds, Thurs or Friday. I may be wrong though and I hope I can pop on during breaks on NSD.

Anyway, it's 6 months for me on Thursday 12th March :D Halfway to the penthouse!!!!

I can't beleive how easy it has been and that I didn't do this years ago... I know everyone says it - but it's changed my life... totally. Gone are the days of me lazing around at the weekends, now I ride my new bike or go for a walk or something.

Training for the 100 mile bike ride in June is taking up a lot of time - but it's fantastic to be on a bike again and I am really enjoying it, and I'm still sorting the garden - I laid the path on Saturday (!) and lots of other energetic things! How did I ever find time to smoke???? It's mad! But great, I am enjoying life so much :D

I seem to have drifted away from the forum a bit, but I do still look in fairly often - it's wonderful to see so many doing so well.

Thinking in particular of my Mum, MargaretH, who I am so proud of I could burst :D

Shabba - quit buddy, congrats to you for Thursday too.

Lindaspicer... this is the one Linda, superb stuff. Tony, still keeping the faith and all of the Monkey Barstewards doing so well... never before have I seen such a big percentage of quitters keeping going. As a contrast, 3 people at work quit for new year and all started again within a month..... the power of the forum and it's support is huge.

All the one year quitters - I don't think there has ever been so many from a relatively small number starting get to a full year. Awesome!

And of course to all the newbies... it can be done - if you want it. Just trust in your decision not to smoke today. You know it's the right decision. That's all I have done... I've just done it a few more times, thats all ;)

And of course, well done to everyone else - anyone not smoking today is doing a great job!

Advice? Thats easy. Read, and then read some more. Start with the links in my sig and take it from there. Knowledge truly is power!

Actually - start with this one. Sums up how I feel at the moment.

*Does his little dance*

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Well done to both you and Shabba. 6 months is a fabulous milestone and it feels great.

Enjoy your bike and good luck on the 100 mile ride.

Here's to the rest of your fabulous "new life":D:D:D




Hi Stuart :D

Huge Well done I am so proud of you really can't tell you how much and thanks for all the support

Six months is awesome



Mum xx


6 Months very well done my good friend. Proud of you Have a happy smoke free life. CONGRATS xxxxxxxxx To both yourself and


Nope, posting early is not allowed, its like post dating a cheque - very naughty :p but I guess we'll forgive you.


Well done![/INDENT]


Great going on 6 months Stuart........:D


Well done Stu & Shabba

Knew you could do it. Good luck with the bike marathon.

Love Jan xx


stu,its all been said and enjoyed your post,,know how you feel about smoke free ,it does change your life,in so meaney ways,,your mom is so proud of you,,hopeing you are proud of her quit awesome te both of you

you to shabba well done,,me, marg l,inda are not to far behind you both,,we are all still keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D


Well done StuartH

Can't wait to see your little dance ;)

Will it be anything like this??

Dubbs that milestone has got my handwriting on it :eek: ....tealeaf


Increase my piece ;):D


hi tom,,enjoyed that very very good awesome:cool:, dubbs are you watching :D



Hi Stu

Huge well done to you and shabba, getting to 6 months is awesome, same again and you will both be in the penthouse. I'm just over the 2 months mark but have to agree that if i had known it was going to be this easy i would of certainly done it alot sooner.

Hope training goes well for you and good luck with the 100 mile ride :)




Stu and Shabba - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Six months, wow, what a huge achievement! :D :D :D :D

Quit: Jan. 18, 2009

Method: CT


Thanks to everyone -

Tomatpots... no, the dance is not as sophisticated as that one ;)

Denise... Thanks, so far the training is going very well - but above all I am enjoying being able to breath heavy during strenuous activity without collapsing and being able to recover quickly. A true sign of lung recovery :D

Delighted that I have got to 6 months and even more so that it feels so normal not smoking for nearly all the time. I still have the odd auto response where my memory plays a trick on me and I reach for a fag... but it's only once in a while and is easily dismissed.

Both the below nicked unceremoniously from elsewhere, but so true.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilence" - a US president (Jefferson?)

"I am a nicotine addict, and to remain free I must do one simple thing - not smoke" - Kevin @ woofmang.


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