No Smoking Day

day 6 !!

thanks to everyone for the lovely messages of support for yesterday (day 5). I am now almost on day 6 and still feel really great. I am using the gum which i feel is helping me and to be honest i actually am thinking of them less and less. Iv slept well for 2 nights now and i used to wake up every 2-3 hours for half a fag so its wonderful to sleep through thenight. no headaches now and although i still feel i have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth i can cope with that. can't believe im almost a week into being an ex smoker..its soooooooooooooo great to be free. Where are these mad climbing the walls cravings people warned me about??????? Are they to come or were these people waffling???? I feel so good and don't even want to put filthy dirty smoke into my lungs !!

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Yay Dee-Dee, uv got to day 6 well done u. In 15 minutes time I will be on day 5 - not long off a week now and the time has flown past quite literally!! As for the big craving, to be fair, u wud have had it by now, in my experience anyway. It is now a matter of getting rid of the psychological addiction, which may be hard at times but just remember these five thing:

- you will be skint again

- you will stink again

- you will start having cigs in the night again

- you will have yellow teeth

- you will be coughing your guts out again!

Thse five things have and will keep my off the fags from now until forever!!

Good luck for the rest of this week and keep it up dear coz ur doing so well :)


Welcome to day 5 !

Thank you that's a good bit of advise, I do not want to be skint, stink, have rotten sleep or teeth and nor do i ever want to smoke again. You keep up the good work too and well done......There are so many of us on here it's brilliant !!


Hi Dee Dee :D

Well done you day 6 already great I hope you are proud of yourself pat on the back is in order and a big hug is on it's way from me glad you are sleeping better and the headaches gone as well

Don't know about those climbing the wall craves I only had one really bad crave up till now lots of minor ones but easy to handle

Some people must have them I suppose unless it's a rumour put out by fag companies to keep us in line and buying HA HA

It will be 1 whole week tomorrow Dee Dee great eh




day 6

Thanks Marg for the support. yes almost a week. how would i have done it without you and everyone else witht heir kind support....Never forget how well you've done too, apart from the benefits for yourself you are able to honestly support all of us too from first hand experience. Not that concerned bout the 'mad cravings' cos il over ride them anyway........mmmm i just love being a non smoker !!


Well done you!!!!

You are doing FAB, and I hope you are really proud of you :)

I don't get climbing wall craves, just moments when I'd like to nip outside for a break, so more of a break than an actual ciggy really!

Roll on day 7.. one week tomorrow!

I'll see you in the WEEK 2 Forum!



dee dee you are doing ok ,just relaxe and enjoy being smoke free O and of couse an non smoker,,feels good to say i dont smoke thank you ,,,keep the faith tony keep;):):D


Dee dee.... great job on almost a whole week!!! That is a huge accomplishment.... (I mean that.... for most of my quits I failed within 48 hours :D:D) The most important thing about a successful quit is a POSITIVE attitude which apparently you have! So don't look for those 'mad climbing the walls cravings people warned me about???????' they don't have to exist at all as they only spring from one's mind...... turn negative, grouchy, and melancholic and those cravings will start getting bigger...... my advice.... STAY HAPPY, STAY POSITIVE, AND KEEP :):)


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