No Smoking Day


I think. Am I allowed in the 1 month thread now?? I get confused as to where I belong in the forum. Starting my fifth week today and this weekend, finally, my husband who is still smoking, stopped looking like the giant cigarette in the no smoking adds which he has done on many occasions this last month.

Stopped the patches last Monday and have had issues since then with having to quit again. Not that I have had one puff since quit day but I ceased mentally then when I got rid of the patches the nicotine withdrawel sparked off the mental issues again! In hindsight and if I ever gave up again (which I wont as I am done with the smokes forever) I would go cold turkey from the start. But, maybe thats just me! Anyway. Hello to all in this month and all others. Its a ramble, not a rant. I hope that bodes well for the coming months.

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Its great to be counting in months isn't it :D


Congrats fiona I'm the same as you, I get confused with the months and weeks too, I'm day 28 today and still don't know where to post lol.


Women, eh?



Great job you two. :D

I have a long way to go :(

All the very best to you both.




Hi Fiona and Yvette :D :D

I don't see why not you've both done a luna month at least you are both doing really well just keep it up

Love Marg


hi you too,,you can post on the month thread both are doing so well,,keep the faith tony keep:D:D


Hi both


1 month for me too - feels great!! Such an achievement, pointless going back now.

We were lucky to start our quits in Feb, it's been shorter to get to the 1 month milestone, only by a couple of days but being able to say 1 month seems like a lifetime lol.

Here's to month 2 - c u there x


wonderlungs, Yvette and Fiona

[SIYou are all doing blooming marvellous!!!:):):)

BB- Are you asking for trouble or what-cheeky monkey!!!:p



Eileen, don't encourage Bible Black!!! TRULY!


Hey Fi!!!! We are doing it :D:D Almost in month 2 and you will be there waiting for me!! It's not been easy but it has not been the worst thing ever..... congratulations Fi on reaching next milestone 'month2'. Good going mate! Lets keep :):)


Hi Wonder Lungs :D

Well done you 1 month already thats great keep it going onwards and upwards

All the beat



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