No Smoking Day
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Day 5

My god i can't believe its day 5 and going very strong.Im so pleased with myself and i'm never ever going back to smoking again.Lots more money to myself and my clothes smell alot fresher.I'm so pleased i got threw the weekend as i was dreading it as its my first weekend as a none smoker.Next weekend can only get better i hope,

At the phonix clinic in he morning,i will be able to tell her i no longer smoke.

Been out and bought lots of fruit to nibble on to try and stop me puting on the pounds as that is my night mare with going on holiday in 15 weeks time.


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Hi Kay

You are doing really well day 5 already you have every right to be pleased with yourself give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it just hang in there Kay as you said IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER for you




Well done Kay,

You're doing a sterling job!!

Best wishes



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