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I'm back...and this time IS for good

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Hi guys,

I've got great news. I have just become a Christian and I have now had a new perspective on life and guess what - smoking doesn't play a factor in my future! So I had my last fag at 7pm 2nite and I'm doing this for the love of God Almighty.


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Welcome back Philip-i'm sure you are stronger now than ever before-and i must say with Gods backing how can you fail!!!!!!!

keep us posted xxx

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Welcome back Phil,

Hope you are well and the family is good.

Keep posting and read and understand the addiction, draw strength from your religion and kick nicotine into touch once and for all.

You can do it and by that I mean you can not smoke! There is always a choice, and that choice is smoke or not smoke. Strength or defeat.

All the very best,


Welcome back phill

Make this the one mate we are all here for you. hows the family.xxxx

Welcome back Phil you really can do this

Good Luck


Welcome back Phillip and good luck with this quit, keep posting to let us know how you are doing.



Cheers guys, and thanks for all the encouragment. This is my first day so it has been hard - I was working 8-2 without a nicorette gum and at times it was hard but I have got through it and I am fine now.


Welcome back Phil - as you can see I have only just returned, Day 3 for me. Not been too bad.

Hope the family is well.

All the best, you know you can do this. Post often.

Jan xx

Hi Phil :)

Well done the first 24 hours are over for you now just hang in there


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