No Smoking Day

Chuddy... Week 3

Hey all, just going into week 3 (14 days crossed off the calendar) and I've gotta say this really is a lot easier than i thought. The cravings still happen, but they're so few and far between that I just am not concerned by them at all.

Going out and not smoking is not a problem at all, been on a massive bender in London this weekend and not a single moment came by where I actually wanted to have a cigarette, and I've been with smokers the whole time.

Even when I got home and carried on the drinking, I sat with my mate in my room while he smoked away; I didn't seem to mind letting him smoke around me, even in here. He did leave half a pack of cigs here, and I had a little sniff of one. I'm not going to deny it, it smelt nice, but it didn't make me want to smoke it at all.

That thought I get in my head every time I crave: "it's just pointless, what are you going to get from it?" has kept me strong all the time. The Monkey S'tard is trying to trick me, but I ain't havin none of it!

One thing I did really enjoy was accepting a cigarette from someone when they offered, and nonchalantly breaking it in half right in their face! All he could say was 'fair play, mate'. I was rather chuffed :p

It's kind of weird thinking I've cracked two weeks already, I remember when i first signed up here and read other people's week 2/3 posts, and thinking to myself 'wow, that is just amazing'. It's halfway to a month, 2 weeks, and it feels like much longer. I just want to get all those milestones out of the way and into the penthouse!

Hope everyone else coping alright, remember to keep the faith, stay strong, fight the power, knees up mother braaahn and all that jazz :)


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Well done Rich

Your doing really well week three already the time is flying. Good on you mate.


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