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What do you do to stop cravings?

Blimey, I am now entering week 3 (yay!) So, after finding myself doing weird and wonderful things to divert myself from cravings, I wondered what other people get up to (yes I want to nick your ideas!)........... I think most people will have a 'top 3' and mine are:

1. lay out 50 paper clips, unfold them all and make a necklace. Then re-bend them into paper clips and repeat. (This worked really well for about 4 days but then I felt like a psycho loony)

2. Put your wellies on and go for a really long walk. Make sure you have your hood up and don't make eye-contact with anyone...... I felt well hard! David Cameron will want to hug me.

3. Buy a million packets of chewing gum (keeps your mouth busy - cue joke about my mouth not being busy!), and a million scrunchies (I am constantly wrapping them around my fingers and thumb).

So what keeps your cravings at bay? I am looking forward to some interesting answers!

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In my 4th week now. What I first did was to keep a nub end in a fag packet in the cupboard. When I got the urge to light up I took a smell of it - soon put me off. I started to crave around about day 10 and into the 3rd week - what I did was tell myself that fags were not banned - if I really wanted to smoke then I could do so, I could walk to the shop and buy them, light one up and puff away. Its surprising when you know they are not banned nd they are there for the taking if you want them that you really don't want one. Mind over matter - its just getting the grey matter between your ears to recognise that!


Hi there

well done on reaching week 3 keep it up you are doing great you ask what we did to beat cravings well like you I went for walks and chewed gum I also have a puzzle book which keeps my brain {so called} and my hands busy also when I get what I call twitchy fingers I use puzzle book {don't get many craves now} i fiddle with a pen or sometimes my lighter which lives on mantlepiece as i always liked candlelight to relax me even before my quit


Well up until now, I've been chewing a bit of sugar-free gum every time I get a craving, followed by some water. From now on though, I'm just going to look for your posts and laugh my arse off!

"David Cameron will want to hug me." :D

I've just found a bongo drum that I forgot I had, so I've got that between my legs (ooh matron) and give it a bit of a bash while I read. I doubt many other people will have a bongo drum, so you can't really pinch that idea, I suppose...

Good job on reaching your third week, stay strong mousette!


wii fit

Wii fit seems to have pinched my free time


I have found drinking ice cold water through a straw helps (another quitter on another site gave me this tip)

and Everton Mints as well have helped me


Well done mousette on week 3, that is great hun keep it up.

I sucked sugar free lollys and also chewed/chew sugar free gum.

During the first 2 weeks i got out as often as i could and drank loads of water.




I've got a racing bike, when I struggle I take the frustrations out on the road, really works for me.



for me it`s dorito`s and sudoku:cool:



hmmmm...my pc is fairly new so i use that a lot to pass away the time, i aint been to tescos in a while i use to go there all the time, but it reminds me to much of smoking. there really isnt anything i do inperticular when the cravings start :confused:


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