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Please wish me luck!

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Hello everybody,

well here goes,

I've been smoking for nearly 20 years, I have tried virtually every method of stopping smoking ie: willpower, nicotine gum, Allen Carr, etc.

This time has gotta be different, in that I'm reading Allen Carr again and will stop in the next few hours, though I'm gonna stay in contact with and try to help , where possible- other smokers.

I hope this works

Any encouragement or practical instruction would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for creating and contributing to such a cool website :)

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Hi Reddlyon


Warm welcome to the forums and well done on deciding to quit.

I smoked for 29 years 20-30 a day so it can be done hun, what has made it easier for me i believe is the support on here and also i have read read and read all i can.

The links in nics signature are a good start.

I no longer look at ciggys as something i am depriving my self of but more now that they are something that will take control of my life again if i let them, and i wont let them.

Just keep in mind why you are doing this and that you want to get control back of your life and no longer be a slave to nicotine.

Keep posting on here as that will help, get through the first week and it all becomes alot easier. You can do it hun, look on here at all those that have.

Good luck and keep us updated on how you are doing :)



Thanks Denise,

I really appreciate your message :D,

I'll definitley keep you posted too!

Good luck - keep reading and keep in touch with this forum - it's really helped me enormously to know there are other people out there in the same position. The first few days are tough - that's the time you can't stop thinking about cigarettes but get them out of the way and it becomes easier by the day

Thank you Biddy,

I'll keep reading and I'll stay in touch also


hiya, Im only starting day 3 myself so cant offer much advice, all I can say is I'm not missing coughing after the 1st fag of the day, I don't miss smelling like an ash tray and I love this big grin ive got on my face :D.

focus on the positive all the time, visit this forum often and listen to these folks on here because they are like having a personal motivator.

good luck

Thanks Billyc,

Congrats on 3 days,

I'll be sticking around,

And hopefully I'll be grinning soon, like you!

Hi Red, good luck mate, I'm on 22nd day and feeling more confident that this is me free. I have tried most stopping 'aids' with little success. This time I'm cold turkey along with education, have a look at the link below, I find it extremely useful to have a read now and again - I'll know it word for word soon :o

Welcome Red

Congrats on your quit All i can say is at the start take each day as it comes the first week is the worse things get much easyer then,xxxxxxxxx

Thank you john.t5 & lindaspicer,

feels like its a great community around here :),

I'll check out that link and try to take it as it comes as well

Hi Reddlyon. I too stopped with the help of Allen Carr which was great for getting me over the first few days.

What really helped with my quit and what most on here seem to agree with is that education about your addiction to nicotine is a huge factor in getting your head in the right place to stay quit. is a great site, full of information about quitting, what to expect etc. There are downloadable books and even some videos for each day of your quit (for the first two weeks.)

Have a good read on there and then have a look at the other sites on my signature. woofmang has some great, inspirational stories.

Also keep on posting on here. The support is fantastic, from newbies like yourself through to people who have quit for a much longer time and all either going through or have been through everything you are likely to face.

All the best.


Congratulations on taking the first step, i can only reiterate what the others have said, just read everything possible!

I find the most inspirational thing to do is read the stories in the Penthouse and imagine yourself there, it's only a far away as you make it seem and as long as you keep a positive attitude you'll be looking back at this first day and laughing in no time!

I wish you the very best of luck for your first day, i'll be back supporting you from Day 2 onwards :)

Thanks Heaps TKDJohn ,

I'll be taking your advice and doing some reading of the links you recommend,

Congratulations on your own achievements with regards to stopping smoking,

thanks again :)

Thanks Jimi,

I'll look forward to reading more of your posts!


I just smoked my final cigarrette ,

thanks for all your help and support,

see you in the forums,

I'm off to bed :)

Good on you =]

And the fact you can already state it as your final cigarette is a very positive move, well done

Hello Red, and welcome. Can't really add to what these guys have said, as usual! I'll reiterate the point that education is key, though. Best of luck!

Welcome Redd

Just started my third quit yesterday by CT and can only reiterate what the others have said.

Good luck and keep posting and reading.

hi red and wellcome to the fourm,,congrats on your quit,,i smoked 30 plus a day for so long it was part of my life,found this fourm ,educated my self, so i could understand why i smoked,, the rest as they say is history..your best thing to do is to keep posting on here,,i wount say good look,cause you dont need it,,,like i say you just keep the faith tony


Good luck,

I'm fairly new on this forum, however the information/advice and guidance has been a great help and very inspirational. Thank you all.

Coming on here a few times a day is certainly helping me,


Welcome Reddlyon,

Well done on your decision to quit. I have been smoking on and off for 24 years so I know - as you do - that breaking a habit that is that old will take a bit of time. I am on Day 18 and I really don't miss ciggies any more, I certainly haven't had a craving or an urge to smoke for a good few days - and that is with my husband still smoking in front of me.

So it can be done - but the first week is the one to really work at - once you get through that it just takes time to get used to life without ciggies. It is about breaking the habit, something that gets easier day by day.

I couldn't have got this far or had the positive attitude I have got without this forum so log on as often as you can and good luck!

Welcome to the best forum on the web.The help you will get here is brilliant because we are all in the same boat.So keep us posted and good luck.



Thank you everybody!

Hello there Reddlyon,

Good for you on your decision to quit. Like everyone says we are here for you and each other, there's more support on here than you can shake a stick at! We are all here for the same reason so why not use it! Wishing you the best of luck! :D

All the very best good luck,


1 Month, 2 Weeks, 1 Day, not smoked 1,335 money saved £315.74 date quit 07/12/2008 22:45

Today is the day before tomorrow

And tomorrow is the day to prove you are stronger than yesterday :D

Wish you the best mate its not always easy but the good things in life are worth fighting for :D

There is support here use it :)

Keep the faith :cool:

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