Day 6 & feeling so so

Well got over the wobble on day 5. It was a bad day. Here I am at day 6 - need to change my habits today - cut out the coffee breaks. Last night was tough though - all I could think about were ciggies. Sense of smell very receptive to smoke - can't believe I smelled like that! Thank you once again for the support of this forum - it really does help.

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  • Hi Biddy, Huge well done hun on getting to day 6 :) You must be so proud.

    I believe it was around day 5-6 that i had a bad day but well done getting through that.

    Nearly at the end now hun of week 1 :)



  • hi biddy :)

    very well done it will soon start to get better you have nearly done the first week which i found the worst keep up the good work :D

    love margaretxx

  • I've just got to share this with you.

    A plumber has just been to my house to have a look at my shower. He stunk of smoke!! Did we really smell like that?

  • Hi

    Yes I'm afraid we did smell that bad!!!

    I had the same experience on day 4, I was walking up the stairs to my office and could smell this woman before I even saw her. I have to say that alone made me even more determined to to smoke ever again!!!

    Well done for getting to day 6!! I am day 8 an feeling fantastic!!

  • lol biddy yes we did, shocking isnt it that people didnt comment to us how bad we smelt.



  • We stank, we really did.

    What a real shame that we didn't appreciate how rank our dirty little addiction really was!

  • Yeah it's disgusting, you can even smell it off smokers in the street can't you

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