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No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - I smoke no more

:pI'm well into day four & although I have not smoked since Sun. & and feeling good I now have the munchies. I don't feel as if I'm depriving myself of cigerettes, I feel deprived of all the chocolate I used to eat, I could tell myself that I can have chocolate now and again but the trouble is once I start eating I can't stop. Can anyone tell me when the nasty taste in my mouth will go away, I feel as if I'm forever brushing my teath or eating mints:confused:

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I don't know about the taste - I don't recall having read that anywhere and I didn't suffer with that.

However, I know the mouth chemistry changes during the first week or so (I suffered mouth ulcers constantly for about 10 years - but they've all gone now!) - so I would expect it to be gone by then.

It's good that you don't feel deprived of the smokes, but not so good if you feel you are depriving yourself of chocolate - why not give yourself a little before bed as a treat to lasting the day :D That could also mean you don't have time to overindulge...

I have been chewing sugar free gum and drinking a lot of water to stop me overeating (my appetite is monstrous at the moment :o ) ... have you tried anything to stop you feeling hungry and feeling deprived of chocolate?

Most of all, well done so far - you are doing fantastically and sound like you really have the right attitude.


Like stuart I don't recall a nasty taste, and if it lingers I'd discuss it with your GP.

Great going, getting to day 4 though.

All the best



Well done ScoobyDoo. I too have a yukky taste in my mouth but not sure whether that's due to the Champix or not. Will have to read up on the notes. Will let you know.

As StuartH says have that bit of choccy at the end of the day as a treat. Now you've started me off, could do with a bit right now. Hahahaha


Well done scooby doooooooo keep up the good work


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