No Smoking Day
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Day 5!

Well guys I've made it 2 day 5! Woop woop!! and guess what I am still going strong!!

I've been 4 loads of walks, called smokeline dozens of times and I've even completed a re-sit essay 4 college! I'm on a roll!!

Today has been quite stressful though. I went 2 fill up with petrol and this idiot parked opposite the petrol pump so I could'nt get out! However a nicroette made me calm again.

Radio 1 is also helping - i do love my music, and my iPod is doing wonders!

I'm getting there guys and guess what I''ve saved over 20 quid. By the end of next week it will be 40 quid and I'm gonna blow it all when I go out and get hammered lol! I deserve that much lol!!

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I found listening to music very relaxing as well. You know it will level off and pretty soon you will forget which day you are on! Good luck, keep it up ;)


good for you

dont blame u i'd like to go out n get hammered with the money i save i probably wont thou my son will enjoy spendin the money lol keep up the good work, and is your mum and dad still smoking around you ?


yea they r suzy, but it doesn't really bother me!

I'm not sure if that means I'm done!


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