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No Smoking Day
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Newbie on the 5th Day !!

Hi All,

1st day was like hell, 2nd a little better & wala !! today is the 5th day & i am still going on strong without any Patches / Gums .....

I have been smoking for past 5 years without missing out any days,

YES !! 5X365 = 1825 Days !! IE (10X1825 = 18250 Cigg & above till date) :eek:

The cravings are still here but hopefully i will fight them & get over the habit.. :)

Good to know all at the forum ......

Peace !


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Welcome to the forum kevin. Stick with it ;):D


Well done Kev

Welcome aboard, sounds like your will power is great!




well done

keep the good work up


Thanx Guys,

Still going on strong ....


Hi Kevin - just seen your post and would like to welcome you also to the forum. Good luck with your quit. Keep posting on here whenever you feel you need some support or just for a laugh. Having a laugh on here also helps.:D:)


Is that blatant advertising:mad:

You may have sufferd the loss of loved ones due to smoking, as many of us have. But you dont know what its like to stop as you have never started?



Way to put a downer on it Carmel! What we're doing here is quitting for ourselves and we're doing just fine without the guilt trip. Not everyone is emotionally attached to cigarettes so please don't pigeon-hole us when you haven't experienced this from our perspective. But yeah anyway...

Well done Kevin :D Sounds like you're taking to this like a duck to water. I gave up cold turkey 5 days ago and while the cravings are still there, they're getting fewer by the day. Congrats for where you've got to, keep it up and enjoy the fresh air!!



Good going Kevin .keep up the good work.It feels like work sometimes

to quit but it is worthit.:D


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