Hi all - my 4th day, 2nd time around - No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day

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Hi all - my 4th day, 2nd time around



I gave up smoking 3 years ago for over a year then slowly but surely I started again :(

I am worried that this time around the same will happen.

This time feels different tho, I don't want it anymore... I'm not missing it as much... I don't feel like I've lost something.

Haven't had any major cravings to speak of really. I just keep thinking 'Hmm, once I've done this I'll have a cigarette.' then I think 'er, no you don't smoke anymore!' sometimes it doesn't bother me, sometimes it does...

I'm into my 4th day and I was intrigued to read that 4th day is more difficult! I did miss it after my lunch and dinner. I have been getting rather stressed today! :rolleyes:

Like, I went to Lidl and I got the most buckled trolley ever and I thought 'OMG! Why is this Lidl trolley picking on me??' :mad::p


Anyway, I'd best get to bed. Look forward to getting to know you all

Oh, are there any other random days that are worse than others?

smoke free me

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Well done on your quit maybe it feels diffrent because this is the last quit for you very good luck. xxxxxx

Well done your doing so well. You should be very proud of yourself. x:):D

yep..........those lidl trolleys..........little s***s they are! :)

wait till you have a aldi one....................they really pi55 me off!! ;)

trolley free days are the best......lol

welcome and well done on quitting!! :D

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I'm in a similar position having quit for the best part of a year and fallen back into the habit, in my case thats happened twice.

This time also feels different to me, but I share your concerns and I'm telling myself that I know that this time must be for good and that there is no such thing as "just one".

In my case I'm working on convincng myself that "I WILL NEVER SMOKE ANOTHER CIGARETTE" (or cigar or pipe or anything else I might think of to get around my own rule)

I'm on day 6. For me I'm finding that while driving I regularly open the compartment where I kept cigs and upon finding it empty have to remind myself thats right I don't somke anymore :confused: thats the habit part.

Keep it up!


Well done Smoke Free - keep up the good work. Try thumping the pillow when you get stressed or take a bath, drink loads of water and if all else fails scream and shout till your a lidl horse. :D:D:D


Thanks everyone.

It is a never ending struggle, isn't it?

I have been very hungry today :( having lost 2 stone recently I'm am determined not to pile it back on.

So I have been eating my diet home made soup and lots of fruit/water.... beginning to realise that when I was thinking about snacking before I would just have a cigarette.

I smoked rolling baccy (classy I know :p) maybe only 10 a day but I quite liked the process of rolling them. And smoking them :rolleyes:

Ah well, thanks for the encouragement guys

Tomorrow is another day :)

smoke free me

Good luck to you smoke free!

And no, its not a never ending struggle mate. It might not always be straightforward but its faaaar from never ending. Stay focused and you'll be fine.

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