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well its day 202 for me today and im still thinking about the bloody fags. MAD I know its all in my mind but what worrys me is if i cant look at things diffrently will I feel like this forever. Dont think I could go on like that to be honest. do hope ive not put anyone off its prob only stupid me who feels like this this far in. Any advice would be good and John I have read HEHE. xxxx

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Hi Linda

As i have said before i really admire your strength for this quit, but it would be awful to think that you would have to be strong forever!!!!!

I still get the odd thought about having a fag, particularly at the weekend when i am with my gf and she is smoking, BUT it is only a fleeting thought, a whim, NOT a full on crave. I suspect that you are feeling the same, sometimes quite a strong feeling, but think back to the start of your quit and i bet these feelings now are not nearly as strong as they were back then, isn't that a great improvement?

I also expect to have these "thoughts" for some time, BUT i am not bothered by that because i smoked for almost 30 years and I have accepted that it will take more than a couple of months for these feelings to disappear entirely. I like to view the thoughts as a measure of how far i have come down this road to stopping.

Ask yourself, "do i really want to smoke?" of course the answer is no, even though you may have the odd strong urge to do so, particularly when you are going through a rough time, but just remember how far you have come and know that there is no way you want to go back to the start again. :eek: (just the thought of day one again is a nightmare isn't it?)

Linda, stay strong (actually i KNOW that you must be an incredibly strong person;)) and before you know it, thoughts of having a cigarette will be a definite thing of the past.:D

Oh, and before i forget what this thread is about, I am Nicotine Free for Four Months, Twenty Six Days, 8 Hours and 1 Minute, while extending my life expectancy 12 Days and 21 Hours, by avoiding the use of 3708 cigarettes that would have cost me £975.43.


Linda, I am so with you chick, I too have these thoughts but they are becoming very far and far between each one, they are thoughts but not craves and I think most people who have quit recently will have them but for me the feelings I had in the first 3 weeks are still vivid in my mind and I wouldn't want to repeat them in a million years!!!

My stats are 4months, 3days x


Hi Lin. Your doing excellent and you know that deep down. And look at the varying replies here, we all think of fags in different ways some of us not at all and some still do. I'm on day 363 and still think about fags quite a bit to be honest. But it doesnt bother me at all. I believe its 'how' you think about them, not 'if' you think about them or not.


Hello Linda

You must not slip now, you have come so far. I totally agree with Superman,

its 'how' you think about them, not 'if' you think about them or not.

I still think about smoking everyday, but I know I will never have another.

I have just downloaded Harrys(my sons name)Quit meter, as recommended by TKDJohn in a previous post, especially for this post, and I like the look of it.

Take a look at yours Linda, over 200days:):D


My name is Mark and I am a nicotine addict

I have stopped nicotine for 7 months, 23 days, 11 hours

I've not smoked 3547 death sticks and saved £268.68


Thank you all for your lovely replys Well done all of you on your own quits and supervillan



Jude and Cword

6 Month Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team 10!!


Well done everyone :) Not had time to post much but I do keep up with how you're all doing. CONGRATULATIONS to all those with important milestones coming up.

I have been quit for 4 Months, 4 Weeks, 4 minutes and 55 seconds (150 days). I have saved £847.49 by not smoking 3,750 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Week, 6 Days and 30 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 22/02/2008 16:49


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