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No Smoking Day
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Well done Boots

I am going on holiday in just over a week and spent yesterday evening at the shopping centre with the wife.

Whilst in Boots, with the wife looking at hairdryers etc, I stumbled across the “quit smoking section.” Shelves full of patches, gum, inhalers and........... something else. Something normally reserved for the deepest darkest corner of the second hand bookstore. There, at eye level:eek: alongside the nrt, was THE BOOK responsible for the success of my quit. Allen Carrs EASYWAY TO STOP SMOKING. At roughly half the price of a week’s supply of patches or approx 2 packets of fags anyone seriously considering smaking up poking should give it a read.

Perhaps the snowball is gathering pace.;)

PS I don’t go in Boots much, so if this is old news to many of you I sincerely apologise.:D

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Here's hoping! *gasps*

I have much to thank Allen carr for myself, God rest his soul! ;)


Yes, well done Boots. Maybe minds are opening a little more on the subject of so called 'alternative' stopping methods.

I'd like to hope anyone going into Boots with the intention of getting some NRT see's the book and decides to give it a try. Its worth trying something that can definitely help you to stop in one purchase rather than continuely buying NRT ad nauseum.

Now if that NHS would do this too.... :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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