day 3

hi there everyone,

i am now at day 3 (yee-ha) and have some funny symptoms- namely insomnia and feeling really dizzy. i'm also really knackered and finding it difficult to concentrate. anyone else feeling slightly off??

on the plus side- going down the cold turkey route and cravings haven't been too bad.

this is my second serious attempt and remember that around day 7 was the hardest for me. anyone else find the start ok and then it got a bit more tricky as the days went on?


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  • hi and welcome :D

    well done on day 3 nearly day 4!!

    as for feeling "off" and dizzy, you will be getting pure oxygen now so feeling a bit dizzy is the norm, but i must stress that if you have any concerns ,go to your gp!!

  • Hi lola

    Insomnia and the dizzyness seem to be a common symptom and completely do-able so hang in there ;). For me the dizzyness only lasted a few days and the insomnia a couple of weeks at most...

    Good Luck :D

  • thanks for your messages.

    this forum really helps- such a revelation to read about everyones experiences. good bad and otherwise!

    so far so good for me, day 4 and the waves are not too bad. not kidding myself that there won't be a bad day.

    the reason i quit is that i had a cold turn into a chest infection. not fun. decided the smoking had to go. i keep the thought of the ill health smoking causes in my head whenever i have a wavering moment.lxx

  • hey lola...

    im having the dizzyness aswell..every now and then i get a little seasick kind of sensation. glad its not just me!

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