No Smoking Day

1 month today!!!

Made it, one month today. The last time I posted here was to mark two weeks off the ciggys, now I am back to express my happiness at not smoking for a month. This is a great feeling for me and although I have been experiencing bouts of depression, on and off for the past no of weeks, this nothing now when I put my thoughts into perspective.

When I stopped a month ago, all I used to see were people smoking everywhere I went and this used to annoy me as my cravings were very strong and when I saw someone smoking, my first thoughts were to run and buy a pack of cigs. Now a month on I dont even notice people smoking and when I do I smile and think how easy it has been to overcome the initial physical cravings. Now I dont even think about wanting a ciggy and if the thought did enter my head I would quickly extinguish that negative thought by reminding myself of the bad days of spending my hard earned money on a product that makes me smell like shite and will ultimately make me die a slow and horrible death. :)::p:D::rolleyes:

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It's an amazing feeling (and achievement) to get to that milestone, when you know you can do this and realise that life goes on without the cigs.

Good for you, keep that attitude and everyday it will keep getting better :D


Well done on your month smoke free Keep up the good work your doing great. xxx


well done!!!

heres to the next month (raises glass) :D


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