No Smoking Day

Hi, new here

On day 3-again ( where I was about 2 weeks ago, but then I crumbled, and had a few of an evening.) I felt really awful about giving in, but tried to congratulate myself on cutting back from about 20 to about 2-3, but now I feel it might be the time.

I tried lozengers and microtabs( yuck!) and don't feel I need patches as cravings only now and again. I've been using rescue remedy a couple of times a day and eating winter nips- that seem to help somehow.

I really hate smoking - but have been really enjoying it for about 25 years. and so hard to see myself as a non-smoker.Too scared to have a drink- want to get through tonight as I heard day 3 is tough.

I'm tasting and smelling things better, but chest still feels heavy. Had an awful dream a few days ago- I was just exhaling smoke for several minutes- it was very scarey.

Anyway- I am probably going to sleep soon ( even though I have tons of school work to do) as it's so much easier not to think about cigarettes when you're not awake!

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Welcom SarahSally,

I presume you are a schoolteacher and what better example to set your pupils than to quit smoking?

Stay strong, it really isn't as hard as you think :)


well done your doing brilliant,

it is hard work but worth it in the end. :):):D


Many thanks for replies- nice to get a pat on the back! Well, 2 weeks now and feeling so proud- but avoiding pub and alcohol. In a way, seems like longer- can't believe I was such a junkie for so long. Only craved for a few days, now I don't want a cigarette, but sometimes feel a little lost/ something's missing. Put on a few pounds, but will come back to that later.

I work in a 6th form, and have told students I stopped ( although I never said I smoked when I did, but they probably knew) and they have been very supportive.

BTW Rescue Remedy is a Bach's Flower Remedy- you can get it from Boots- it's just a liquid you drop/ spray on your tongue 'to comfort and reassure'.

I stopped before for 3 1/2 years and used it before- so works for me- and the winter nips- last time I wrongly thought I could just have one now and again- even just one every few months, but then it was 2 or 3 and then- back on them.So this time,not even a whiff of one for the time being- total avoidance.

Has anyone had side effects when stopping? or is it just being run down at the end of term? Have a sore throat, feel 'heavy' but ( now here's a surprise!!!) less asthmatic-not using ventolin at all- Just shows what a nasty

nasty drug it is, when you still smoke when you have asthma.

Anyway, all of you, well done- life is good


PS how do you get the data up about how long/ how much saved etc? or do you just work it out each time? Thanks


Hi Sarahsally

this link will take you to a page where you can download one.

I use the Harry's one. ;)

John -NICOTINE FREE for Four Months, Twenty One Days, 11 Hours and 17 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 12 Days and 10 Hours, by not smoking 3587 cigarettes that would have cost me £943.38.


hi welcome to our friendly forum! :rolleyes:

well done on quitting

most people feel a bit crappy when they quit!! but if it continues, see your doc!


Hi Sarahsally - welcome to the forum. Well done on your 2 weeks.


Congrats on your 2 weeks your doing really well. look forward to getting to know you. xxxxxxxxx


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