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No Smoking Day
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Day 19 over, with a touch of irony

Hi guys, i`m doing okay still not had a fag, I was so so close yesterday however, but I survived...

I was at work 17.00 hometime, I said to a work pal how much I really fancied a fag, I mean I just wanted to see what I was missing I guess, maybe a short crave but I really wanted a fag. Usually she kept her cigs in her bag but today they were out in her car, she waved here car keys at me & I denied the effort.

If a cig was in her bag I would of accepted.

Later that night I dreamt about a cigarette, the first time ever if my memory serves! It was very surreal, I finished the cig in my dream & not only did I feel guilt after but it tasted disgusting also, then I woke up & I was shocked at the experience.

I mean, the strongest crave I have experienced a few hours earlier, and then, a real strong objection coming somehow from my brain that night.

It just proves, I am now even stronger against the temptation, the key is to take each day, one step at a time, somehow I got past home time yesterday, & today I feel great.

Stick with it!

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Very well done Dale my friend your right take it one day at a time. soon all the days turn to months Congrats on your quit so far stay strong linda xxxxx


Good for you on reaching nearly 3 weeks Dale. Worst of it over now.

Just be focused and try to let those little moments you described above just wash over you and ignore them.


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