No Smoking Day

Day 6

Hello everyone. Day 6 and still smoke free, not even a tiny lapse. Goodness, even with patches it isn't easy. Some days are easier than others. Some times I feel like crawling the walls though.:D I'm away this weekend with my husband, daughter, son in law and grandaughter. My daughter doesn't know I've stopped yet, she will find out later today. I have a feeling she will be thrilled. My son will find out next weekend when he comes home from Uni. He will be thrilled as well, he has been nattering me for ages now.:rolleyes:

This must be one of the hardest things I've ever done but I am still determined.

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Outstanding !

Well done WendyAnn, you must be dead proud today - and tomorrow is ONE WEEK !! You need to set aside time at some stage tomorrow to just look around you and revel in every second with your family. and you should feel proud that you're making that time last longer by committing to staying stopped. You're doing fantastically well !

Just think how you're gonna feel when you tell your children (and granddaughter)


ONE WEEK TOMORROW !! Onwards and upwards !! Keep it up !!




Just think how fantastic it is going to be to tell your daughter and son that you have done it! You should be so proud!!

It is so hard giving up but keep going your doing great xxxx


Here here ! welldone girl your brilliant. stay strong and have a great weekend.x


Thanks everyone.:)

Day 9 now and still going strong. My daughter was thrilled to bits, couldn't stop congratulating me. It seemed easier away than when I'm at home.:confused:


Well done you superstar ! Its always easyer when you are out of your familiar enviroment. Your stimulated by other influences. Then, well home is the familiar war zone with nic. But take him on, you know you can thrash him ha ! Im a little like that at the moment, im a grumpy Granny my grandaughter told me yesterday. But i will be arround a lot longer for them in the long run eh? Good luck. x


Wel done on making to day 9 wendy. I reckon your family is dead proud of you!!!

And rightly so too - way to go girl!


Well done and the feeling it must have given you telling your daughter would have been worth the first struggle.

It's really nice to get that support and encouragement :)


COOL! I am on DAY 6 too and believe me it is taking a toll on me but I am taking this moment for this moment because in a few days this very moment will seem like such a SMALL accomplishment that I would have wished I had done this years ago.

LOVE these craving moments rather than hate them. Stay FREE! FREE! FREE!

I say to myself you know a few days from now when I will have much fewer cravings I will be like what the hack happened?

I better clear my mind, soul, and spirit for these cravings are more than likely going to become part of my life for the rest of my life. Eventually I hope they will die off but I have heard of ex-smokers relapsing after 2, 3, 6, 12 months of being smoke-free... My father who had quit 10 or so years ago tells me that sometimes he gets the craving for a smoke...

Can you ALL imagine that? So I am telling you better to explicitly control yourself and keep on saying" "NO" to it.

I try to imagine myself as a successful non smoker who enjoys life. Just the smell of a smoke repulses me... It is filthy and disgusting.

I too am on DAY 6 and all I want is for these cravings to be less frequent...

I can learn to live with them if they happen once in the blue moon but when they happen 2 to 4 or 8 time per hour... You are like gosh!!! How long am I going to make it? {deep breath}

Can't wait to get off work and go to the gym.


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