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Tips when the trigger is alcohol

Hi All,

I have quit smoking for roughly 6 months now and my transition to a non-smoker hasnt been too bad... I am only experiencing problems/urges when it comes to drinking alcohol.. as I use to enjoy a cigarette with a drink...

i know its harder now that smoking in pubs/clubs is being banned but I feel like im going to get caught out when my smoker friends keep asking me to go out and have a smoke with them... so far i have been ok....

just wondering if anyone has any tips and how they have dealt with such situations?

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Go out with them. You wont smoke, it stinks. I went out with a friend 2 weeks after i quit because she was alone. i could hardly stand the smell and felt like i couldnt breathe when it blew my way, like catching the exaust off a bus when its at a standstill. Honest i was suprised how quickly it became a awful smell. i dont go out there much now as its a lot colder, but still get the wiff going in or out pubs around doorways, and still think it stinks. hope its the same for you. stay strong .x:)


I agree with the OP. It has made a MASSIVE difference now that you dont have to put up with the stink INSIDE a pub/club.

Even a few times I have been really quite drunk, I never smoked. Sorta surprised myself.


Learn to hate them

I have been in situations where I couldn't go out with the smokers at first, but then as I started to realise just how bad they smelt when they came back, I knew I wasn't going to be tempted.

It's dead funny now that guys go outside for a cig, then pop a mint or some gum in on their way back, (just like I used to do), and talk to you up close (just like I used to do), and think that their breath is going to be socially acceptable (just like I used to do), Now, I take great pleasure in saying to them "your f******g breath stinks, mate. Get out of my face" and other such choice words. I hate em ! And I love them for it because every time one of em does it, or every time I go outside with them now, it's a reminder why I'm not gonna smoke again.

You couldn't pay me to have a cigarette. (mind you, if you really did give me millions, I'd take the hit)

Stick with it Dude. It's all good. Just learn to hate em. In the nicest possible way.



Thanks for the help guys.


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