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day 5 and struggling

On day 5 and feeling worse than I did 3 days ago. The temptation to reach for a cig is never ending as I feel it will make me feel better. Cryed all the way home from work, can't seem to get motivated to do the housework, aches and pains in shoulders and neck, feel as though I'm falling apart. Need some reassurance that it does get easier...

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Hi Cazbags!!! You are here with us and you are doing great. 5 days is a huge accomplishment!! You are a star :D

IT GETS EASIER!! You are going through another rough patch of the quit, but you will feel better tomorrow!!!!! IT GETS EASIER!! Hang in there and you will feel much better when you see that you CAN do it. Don;t give in. Huge deep breaths and cry until your heart is content. These feelings are completely normal. Have a good cry, some dinner, a nice hot bath and off to bed early. When you wake in the morning you will feel much better. Time will heal you! IT GETS EASIER, and I know you can't see that right now, but really it does! I PROMISE!! Head up ~ you CAN do it.



It does get easier

It does get easier, rest assured of that.

The cravings will pass, they always do.

If it's really bad, put yourself in a situation where you cannot smoke: take a shower, a bath, go to a movie, take a nap, go to bed

Me: 4 weeks, 5 days, but who's counting?


Cazbags sweetie. We've ALL felt ilke that at one point at least so you are NOT alone. These crappy cold winter evenings don't help either! Try a hot bath folowed by a relaxing glass of wine (or if you don't drink a big mug of hot choccie!) then slum it on the sofa or have an early night!

You wil feel totally different in the morning - PROMISE


hehe been there done that... by now you feel its better to live short pleasured life than long miserable one. hence the need for the cigs. did you quit cold turkey or used nrt? if you quit cold turkey and craving like hell do just one thing. opt for the nrt before the actuall cig. your body and brain will thank you with the nrt. i use nrt and to me its better than the cig. i always made myself sick of the nasty toxic smoke just for the nicotine. once i discovered a safer and more potent way in the nrt, i quit smoking iand wont ever look back. for me... the nrt is a no brainer as i have all the effects and hardly any of the risks as smoking. remember nicotine is as harmful as caffine. its all the other pollutants associated with it thats a bitch to our bodies. get ur fix with nrt and once you overcome those natual situations where you reach for the cig. you cqan ween yourself form the nic. its so simple it should be a crime... good luck. on your journey. im on day four for the first time after several tries but this is a godsend measure for me. i never even want to look at a cig even tho i got a pack right beside me .....l peace....


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