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Day 12

Another day, another dollar! (Make that £5)

I confess to a quick blip last evening when I had a few puffs on my son's ciggie - not sure I liked it, or why I did it, but I could smell it on me afterwards.

Reading through other posts, there's a gradual slope of becoming more positive through week 3 and beyond, still plenty of bad days, but generally easier. Amazing to see how many have given up for months and months, then slipped back, so no room for complacency even after six months I think.

Hope everyone else is doing well.......particularly Joanlaw. We seem to have become partners in quitting!

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How did it make you feel ?

How did you feel when you had a couple of drags, Linlin? I'll bet it tasted minging and made your head spin a bit.

That'll be the carbon monoxide poisoning. Nice. It's dead funny though, cos even though I know how RUBBISH it is to smoke, and even though I've not had a cig for ages and ages, I'm still almost "curious" about how it would feel and whether or not I'd like it (even though I know I wouldn't and I certainly wouldn't have one anyway).

It's an amazing con trick. Even my body and mind have differing view points.

I think that the most positive thing that you can do if you do have a "blip" is to recognise it as just that, a blip, and know that it just wasn't for you. It will make you stronger the next time you're tempted. I reckon.

Well done for being strong. It's inspirational for the rest of us !!



It puts me off ciggies when i smell the guy that sits next to me after he comes back from his cig break.

Gadz it makes me want to boak!!

Good on ya though, Day 12 sounds like a long way down the road from being a non smoker. Hope to see day 12 soon but i'm damned sure i will.

If your Linlin and im lynnzer are we linlinlynnzer, that sounds kinda funky, :p i'll get back on with my work haha :D


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