No Smoking Day

Day 10 horrible

Hi all, been a bad day today, woke up this morning depressed, went to work and still could not shake it of, I got home about 5-30 and burst into tears.

I do feel better now, it seems to have lifted my husband gave me a big hug and told me how proud he was of me.

I think it was just a reaction with not having smoked and maybe a little tired.

Anyway I am ok now, and it's a new day tomorrow.

Well done linlin I am proud of you and give you a big hugX

Love to everyone Joan XXX

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Aww Joan *big hug*

Sorry to hear you are having a bad day!

Well done on 10 days though!;)

Great achievement!:D


Joan - hang in there. I feel as tho if you fold, I do too! You've been so very strong so far - I've been amazed. Perhaps a bad day or two is to be expected. We both know it's not been that easy, and maybe the next week or so wont be easy either. Please, please, don't give in! We started together.....I'm the weak one, not you!!!! At least your hubby supports you.

Stay strong...................please!!!!!!!


C'mon girls, you both can do this - the cravings can be terrible but still, rest assured they will not last hours ;) You just try and focus on it, explore that bad feeling and try and see it not like a sign that you need to light up one, but like a sign that your poor body and mind are trying desperately to heal! You've come so far you sure don't want to throw it all away now do you. Trust me the worst is almost over, hang in there you both, stay strong, think strong, be patient and proud :D :)


I'm with ya!

Today is day 10 for me as well. It has been far from easy but I am literally going through this journey with you!!! So I understand your pain!

Keep it up...we can do it together. It hasn't been easy, and honestly I am starting to realize that it probably won't be much easier for awhile, but the amount of pride that I'm gaining from lasting this long is amazing.

Unfortunately, chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting were my best friend this weekend. I'm praying that they do not become my newest habit!!!!

Good luck to you!!!!


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