No Smoking Day

5th month!

Not been here for 2 months or so i believe, i just wanted to report back that im in month 5 now and doing really great! ive made it through bad times and very good times. Im just glad to be 5 months smoke free!

Oh and the every 2 days runny nose thing is going away too, may feel a runny nose every two weeks now or so but its ever as bad and i believe its truly going away now.

Looking forward to many more days away from the monster, no more cravings and im walking in the woods everyday now!

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wow you star you

I walk in the woods now every day to and finely I am losing weight

well no thats not strictly true The scales say I have not but my clothes say I have so I will not be using the scales for a while

5 months thats awesome :D

I was using my bike to cycle to work every day but stopped end of September, and then all the crap that was going on and was walking to work as it gave me time to think (Normally takes me about 20 - 30 mins to get to work if I take the scenic route)

I had put on over a stone in weight since August!:eek:

So, back on the bike again and OMG:eek: I am so unfit again. I'm knackered before I get to the end of the road and even got cramp in my leg cycling home the 1st night.

Very determined to get back into the swing of things;)

I don't understand though, I thought walking briskly to walk would keep me in shape? Maybe it because I was so used to the harder work of cycling.


ooooooooo I don't know, walking is the only way for me to lose weight, nothing else seems to work and having M.E means I can't over do it or I will be out of action for days

I used to love cycling :D

My wife doesn't have M.E. but she suffers from back and knee trouble and also can't over do it on the excercise. She finds it a constant struggle to lose weight. She was a competitive swimmer when she was younger. I'm quite a strong swimmer and I still have trouble catching up with her.:p

I would go swimming to excercise but the nearest pool is 12 miles away and cost £4.50 a session. After paying out petrol and £4.50 every time, it would make it a very expensive exercise (Can't afford the membership fees either).

Seem to be skint alot at the mo:(

Another reason that I bike to work! Save the petrol!:D


LOL yes swimming can be expensive i suppose, though i believe my mum inlaw is getting me a free card off the council? god knows shes good with figuring out what your entitled to when your out of a job.

Anyways walking in the woods does me fine for now, for this season neways:D

funny i said my colds are going away , today i have one of them horrible ones you just always seem to catch each year when you go for the christmas tree light-up thing in town.

Anyways *snotbubble* thankoo and good luck with the excercise both of you!


I don't understand though, I thought walking briskly to walk would keep me in shape? Maybe it because I was so used to the harder work of cycling.

Firstly congrats Psilome, great achievement! Just started the 5th month myself, cant really believe it!


Like you ive been cycling a lot since the beginning of my quit to try and compliment the quitting with getting some decent exercise for the first time in years. I also sprinkle in a run once a week and i'm enjoying it.

As you mention above on the walking, I was reading an article on a runners website recently about walking and apparently its not as helpful as you'd think. I cant remember the details but interspersing some light jogging with the walking will do so much more for you than just walking. Just thought that might help!


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