No Smoking Day
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I have done it!!

Hi everyone, haven't posted for a while as I have had two lots of visitors.

Tomorrow I will be four weeks cigarette free:)

I am using Champix and not having many problems. My dreams are more 'vivid' - and I have has a couple of upset stomach episodes and that is all.

So I am pretty happy with Champix so much better than NRT. Was nervous the two previous weeks but stopped ok on the day.

Still have the occasional craving but they are are lot easier to deal with.

Hope this info helps anyone starting Champix, don't worry if you don't cut down before your quit day, I actually cut down the few days before but only because I didn't feel the need to smoke as much


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Oh you go Bren x x

Roll on smoke free christmas x x

~Buffy x x


Well done Brenda!:D

You're doing great!:cool:


fantastic champix

Well done u!!!!

keeep it up, i am totally off champix now, and almost dont think about cigs any more, its deff a lot easier now xxx


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