No Smoking Day

Shit!! need help!!!!!

Ok first night out since quitting! Thinking I'm going to give in but need to keep strong. It's really bad. I came home just wanting to smoke. Just typing to get rid of the craving. When does this go away? NRT doesn't work in this situation:mad: Just glad I came home but is my social life really going to be like this???


Sorry for swearing

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No it isnt x x

If you have got this far and at home well done!!!

Have a bath, get ready for bed n have an early night x x xx

you have done so well x x

tomorrow is another day x x

~Buffy x x


Hang in there Mark, you can do it I know you can. You have come so far - just remember the scare you had that made you want to quit in the first place!

Things will get better and you WILL have a social life again honest.


Thanks Buffy, I've calmed down since typing that topic title so I do apologise. It's so strange what a hold this nicotine has on you. At the moment I'm proud that I have been out for a drink and not had a smoke despite the craving and others going out for a cigarette; however I'm disappointed in myself for even swearing on the forum.

Thias isn't me! I'm off to bed as you suggest. Tommorow is the next day in my quit and hopefully I will wake up feeling even better knowing I can go out for a drink and still enjoy myself not smoking!


Thanks as well Anna. It's really good to have some support. I guess this is just a learning curve on how to deal with life smoke free but it really is hard! As I'm sure you're aware:D

Thanks again!


Whew just caught this thread and was about to encourage you, but I see our fellow friends have done just that and YOU have made it through the rough time. Good for you!!! It is a terrible feeling, but once it passes you feel the greatest that you didn't crash. I knew you would pull through :D

Stay Strong and be very proud of are doing great!


well done

well done and stay focused, the feeling you get when u come home after a social is a great buzz if you have managed to be smoke free ....

it does get easier, for def, and the rewards are great and keep mounting, so be proud and take one day at a time x :cool:


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