No Smoking Day

It's been 2 months

......a week ago I forgot to put my patch on, so I left it off when I realised I wasn't actually craving. Eventually I kept forgetting and it made me realise that for 2 days I hadn't worn a patch so I continued this way.

It's not a week later and still no patch, I feel a bit stressed some days but I'm so glad I'm finally off.

I could never start smoking again, cigarettes are too foreign to me now.

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Man alive!! that is something I never thought I would hear you say!! :eek:

Bloody well done Ethan!!! The stress will pass and don't be affraid to use a patch again or gum if it helps, you have come so far!!

Dead proud of yer *hugs*

~Buffy x x


:D lol'd at the signature :D

Well my oh my glad people are getting wiser younger these days ;)


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