No Smoking Day
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As Black Adder once said, Clucking Bells!!!

Hi Everyone,

If I make it through today it will be miracle... It was a really really bad Thursday yesterday (Which is odd as I really like Thursdays :().

As may of mentioned the other day, I knackered my PC the other day while trying to perform a simple memory upgrade (Or not so simple, as it turn out!!).

We had a client pop up from London yesterday and had a nice relaxing day, so at about 16:00 hrs I thought bugger it, I will fix my PC...

So I casually strolled into my garage and found the "PC junk box" (All the old components from PC's dead and long gone). While in my garage I decided to get together a PC repair tool kit... 1 x Knife, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Chisel and 1 x Hammer (What ever anyone tell you, you do not need 2 hammers to fix a PC).

Any how, at about 23:00 hrs (11 pm for all you civilians), I was just about there with the computer (Albeit very fragile), the only thing I had left to do was work out why the stupid thing wouldn't let me change my display from 640 x 480 to 1280 x 1024.

Ironically, I had been talking to my colleague about buying a new UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) as my current one has been knackered for a couple of months. For those who don't know they give you time to turn off your computers if there is a power cut (Sudden power downs can break computers), they also protect from surges etc...

I kid you not I actually said, "I've been lucky for the last couple of month, we've had no power cuts", bearing in mind we normally have one a fortnight at least...

So there I was at 11 pm just about to finalize my PC fix and the F#@king power went off... And my UPS is knackered... Well there was only one thing for it, I dug out my mobile phone and played a couple of rounds of Golf to game down.

Anyhow, the power came back on at about 12:30 am so I thought bugger it, finish what I started, well whatever I had down previously didn't actaully fix anything so it was all a waste of time and effect, but at about 1:30 am I was fit to explode.

I am however very pleased with my behavoir though... :D

I finally became so annoyed I picked up my knife and was going to stab all of my monitor screens just to show them who was boss... But for the first time in my life I actually didn't do it... :eek:

Now this is a monumental acheivement for me, it was only a week ago I punched though a 22" LCD TV in the house in anger... I have to say my computer system is lucky to be in one piece at the moment.

However I could have so easilly smoked last night (although I didn't, which is good)... But I will say this, I am going to have another bash today at this computer of mine (And it might be a literal bash) and it is more than likely I will be smoking again by the end of it...

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Not a good evening then?

Sounds like you had visit from the 'law of sod':mad:

Yes, he visits my neck of the woods quite regulary:p

Glad you didn't smoke, These situations are put here to test us. You didn't smoke, so you passed the test. You've got to be proud of yourself for that!:D


Ah another great read :D albeit you suffered so :( PC's it's a real love hate thing!!! well done for holding it together :D leaps and bounds my dear boy, leaps and bounds x x x x x

Next time you fancy punching the hell outta 22" LCD TV do give me a shout, I'll take it of your hands!! I need a new TV The tubes going on mine, new PC a sofa and kids beds and money is dead tight!! so please feel free to send me everything you want to kill :D hehehehe


~Buffy x x



I fixed my computer..... :D

So let that be a lesson to everyone, don't fiddle if it works...

Also I am glad that I didn't have a ciggy yesterday because at this particular point I would be sitting here thinking "I'll quit tomorrow, day 1 again".

However, I am now thinking, "Here comes Day 7 at 12 noon", and I am nearly into the 2nd week.

As I said before, I have big regrets of starting smoking after my June quit attempt (I'd have been at 6 months ish now). But I am glad that I learnt from that experience and didn't throw the last 6 days down the toilet.

Now for a big deep breath and some lunch... All is better in the world of Computer and Video Games... :D

Just incase it helps anyone out there, after nearly demolishing everything last night, I walked away from the problem, shut and locked the door, walking into my living room, plopped my arse on the floor infront of the TV watched a couple of episodes of "Deal or No Deal" (Which is complete crap in the UK, the US version is so much better). Infact the US version is comparible to the UK version of "Who wants to be a millionaire", the UK Version of "Deal or No Deal" has the feeling of a low budget TV show :().

Basically if something is getting on top of you, walk away... My problem was I didn't walk away early enough...


And look at that... Day 7 has started...


Well done my lovely x x x x x

It is true, walk away and all that, sometimes hard though, just maybe if I try this ...... :rolleyes: etc lollol


Hi Boudee,

I am thinking about writing a book about my life experiences :) If Victoria Beckham can then how hard can it be... ;)



Like She wrote!! lol

Gav it has to be said, your posts bring many a smile x x


Hurray, 'grats fella.

And save yourself the computer woes, get a Mac :)


Blasphemy..... Apple Mac..... Noooooooooooooooo.....

No seriously, can you still buy them!!!!!

I noticed that BP petrol stations are selling them for £2.99 with every 10 litres of petrol sold... :D

Come on how can you take that seriously....

All it's good for is toasting your Pop Tarts...

I won't say another thing...



I think you've said enough... all of which was HIGHLY ILL-INFORMED NONSENSE!

*Happy mac-loving graphic design student*


Hehehe, I hate PC's as well....

Infact the only computers I like are built by Nintendo and what was built by Commodore, the old Amigas... They were the days...

Now Nintendo and Commodore, they could can still can design hardware...

And I have to say that Macs are a spin off of Amigas... So I actually just hate PC's...

Although I could never bring my self to use a Mac... :)

Hey that's a thought, if you're a design student, then do you know what an Amiga is... Or am I just an old git... :eek:


Pfft, course I know what an Amiga is! And a Commodore 64 (my bro's a proud owner). Don't underestimate my geekery :D

Alas, I'm what they call a "mature" student (in other words a "messed around a lot after a-levels and took forever to figure out what they wanted from life" student). It's considerably more fun than an early career and a well-funded pension!


oh we do toy, all much a muchness :D

I was spectrum not an amiga girl lol see how the battles prolong! lol

Whatever you chose, all will be easy and self sufficent, then you end up perfecting them cos they are outdated within 2 weeks!


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