I thought it was too easy. Today and yesterday have been HELL!

It's not that I want a cigarette, it's not that I think a cigarette will end all my woes. It's not that I can't stop thinking about them, or that I don't feel right without them. It's that ever since I gave them up I've started to fall apart! My skin is dreadful (I haven't had eczema for years until now), I'm not sleeping properly, but when I wake up in the mornings I can't drag myself out of bed. I'm eating non-stop for comfort, I'm bursting into tears without warning and I can't motivate myself to do anything. Even going to have a bath seems like an unnecessary amount of effort. This is RUBBISH!

Tell me I'll wake up tomorrow and it'll all have gone, otherwise I'm not sure I can carry on like this!

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  • hello Sugar Spun, I'm really sorry to hear of your woes. I suppose the body and the brain have a lot of re-aligning to do when you stop pumping yourself full of noxious substances and, I guess, that takes time. I also have trouble getting up and have only recently realised that it's because I no longer have the morning fag to motivate me to get out of bed! How sad is that! And how tricky is old Nic! As to eating, I have been using dried apple pieces and crystalised ginger bits, the first gives the illusion of being substantial while the second helps to get rid of the awful no-smoke taste!

    It gets better, honest! Stick with it...

  • Hey sugar ... I know just how you feel! I am now sleeping a bit better ... and this morning I had a bit of a break through with waking up ... I actually got my backside out of bed 15mins earlier than normal ... and wanted too!!! Since then my emotions have just spiralled!!! I have no motivation ... my poor house! I'm normally so house proud! I used to 'reward' myself everytime I finished a chore with a ciggie which now equals no chores no ciggies! Although I feel sad that you're feeling like you do, it's reassuring to know I'm not alone and these emotions are obviously very normal!!!

    So what day are you on now?

    Stay strong ... I'm sure the next stage is easier :)


  • Day 10 now Shelley, I'm immensely proud of myself for making it this far but bloody hell, I'll get kicked off my course if I don't do some work soon! Drinking ridiculous amounts of tea and coffee too, surprised I'm not bouncing off the walls from that alone!

    It IS good to know we're not alone on this one :) and you give me hope that maybe I'll make it into college tomorrow, and on time for once!

  • And so you should feel proud of yourself ... you're doing extremely well :) It's just these blips that will pass us by that make it all the more difficult! Yes my coffee intake has most definately doubled and my chocolate intake ... well I don't even want to go there!!!

    Keep it up ... you can do it :)


  • Yea I Know The Feeling. Its Like I Want To Hibernate. In Fact I Wish I Could, Then I Could Wake Up In The Spring And Be Five Months Quit Ha ! But I Would Wake Up With Headache, Iindigestion, Still Tired, And Wanting A Fag He He ! We Are All Aboard A Dodgy Raft I Think, Duno About A Boat. Still We Are All Suffering The Same Crap But Gaining The Same Benefits Eh ? Onwards And Upwards. Stay Strong. X

  • Cheer up girls, if it had to go on like that none of us would have made it past the first month, tops ;) Instead, it does get easier! It's not that you have to be extra special to stay quit!!

    I was totally committed about staying quit for good since the start but God knows how teary eyed, sad, vulnerable, emotionally fragile, bitchy and mourning I was during the first 10 days...I felt lost and miserable and something close to abandoned most of the time, like I had a terrible desease, or like I had lost everything loved or worthy on this earth :rolleyes: It gradually got better until the end of the second week. I'd say that's when things started to really improve, with week 3. By the end of it, I was feeling pretty much like I feel now, happier, calmer than when I was a smoker, self confident, sadness and depression forgotten, every day so proud of the decision made. I get the occasional odd thought about smoke, but I certainly don't panic. It doesn't last, and besides I am very aware that I do have control over it.

    So, chin up, cheer up, stay focused and strong for another while coz thing will soon get better!! xxxxxx hugs

    Edited for double posting instead of editing - if that makes sense :D

  • :D

    Thanks Francesca, that post made a lot of sense, and the two week mark is close!

    Just got in from the pub, another successful nights drinking without cigarettes. I might be a complete lightweight now, but its nice to be sitting inside.

    Love to all x

  • Thanks Francesca ... roll on week 3 :) Positive mental attitude ... feeling much better today ... although I did have quite a big craving a little while ago I got through it!

    Hope you're having a good day :)


    Hey Sugar how are you getting on today? Feeling any better?


  • Hey lovelies. Today has been great! Been to college, got plenty of work done etc etc. I'm still shattered but I certainly don't feel as monstrously depressed as I have the past few days. Hurrah!

    Glad to hear you're feeling better Shelley. Go us! xx

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