No Smoking Day
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day 28

on day 28 so how many days in a month 30 or 31.

just thinking how long before i move up a room.

well quick update,things going great only had 1 or 2 pangs so nothing to worry about.been to doctors because blood preasure is a bit high,had a blood test and everything ok apart from my colestral bit high,doc recomends i need to loose a few pounds.

probably put a few pounds on due to stopping smoking (got a thing for chocolate peanuts ) also did a heart trace on my but all fine,would join a gym but due to blood preasure is a bit high and doc is reluctant to put me on tablets local gym wont let me join so catch 22 as they say.

have to give me choccy up me thinks.

hope everyone is good on the forum

did see some new members have joined but been a bit busy with my xmass shoping (nearly finished it all) so havent had much time to post.

sorry for rambling but you know me cya soon


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Well done on your no smoking campaign. I had to think about the number of days in a month and I nearly said go for Lunar months (Which I believe are every 4 weeks, 13 lunar months in a year).

However I then realised a better solution, if your first day of no Smoking was on the 18th October then the 18th November is the Start of Month 2 and so on...

Just doesn't work if you quit on the 29th, 30th or 31st of any month, unless it's a leap year then the 29th works (But not when the following February is reached), unless the leap year in a multiple of 100 years which then doesn't have the 29th day in February unless its a 400 year multiple...


Year 2000 is a leap year and Feb has 29 days.

Year 2100 is a leap year and Feb has 28 days.

Year 2200 is a leap year and Feb has 28 days.

Year 2300 is a leap year and Feb has 28 days.

Year 2400 is a leap year and Feb has 29 days.

And so on... So in reality a useless piece of info that doesn't really affect us, but none-the-less a problem for those whose quit date is the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month.


Glad your going strong hoot my dear :D

I hope the health issues balance out x x x guess we are not getting younger and those days of doing what we want willy nilly have gone :( everything takes effort to maintain now!! That's what I am finding out *sigh*

hehehehehe guess if you quit on 31 st n only 29 days in the month for example, you get to go up to the next month a bit early :) woo hoo lol calender months are the way to go, for sanity sake! lol


Hi, Hoot Its 28 Days For Me Too, I Quit 18 Oct 07. Im Doing Fine Apart From The Heartburn And Tiredness . Hang In There We Can Do It.


wish i was 34 again buffy lo,l 41 now and starting to feel it.

dossydo lets have a bet first one to smoke give's the other one £10000000000.

hope i win the euro lottery just incase i slip


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