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Its always on my mind


Its been 47 days and I know thats not very long when you have been smoking for over 25years.

But its always there the thought of smoking. Its hard to explain so I hope you understand what i mean.

I dont want to smoke and I wont smoke. But i want to stop thinking about it. Am I expecting too much?? I am arent I.

I want to just live and not keep thinking "I dont smoke anymore"

I have been told that this could last for years:( I dont want it to last for years. If i does then that must be the reason why people give in because they cant fight it any longer.

This is such a mind game and its driving me mad.

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A very close friend of mine smoked for years while in the Army. We started to play golf on a regular basis, I smoked he didn't.

I remember the incident so clearly, we were on the 6th hole which was a Dog Leg Left Par 5, and I sparked up. A big cloud of smoke must of hit him and he stopped walking for a couple of seconds and then carried on.

As we finished off the hole he turned around to me and said that he'd had the biggest urge ever for a ciggy even after having stopped for 3 years.

I stood there in disbelief that after so long the urge could re-appear so strongly.

I questioned him about it and the one thing that cheered me up was when he said even though the urge came over he found it very very very easy to say no and carry on (Apparently it was an instantaneous urge that was crushed instantly).

He claimed that he wasn't constantly thinking about ciggy's, so hopefully none of us will, but I fear we are talking in terms of months, maybe years, rather than weeks :(

But on the bright side, as every day go by it will get easier... :D

hi there.

hi flippy. i know exactly what you mean .i think about smoking so much. although i really dont want to have a cigarette .its sort of feeling like ime missing out on somethng.ime into my 5th month now and although i think about cigs its not hard to talk myself out of going and buying a pack of 10. ive even turned into a dreaded anti smoker.i wont allow smoking in my house or car and get quite fed up wen my friends praise me because ive stopped smoking and then blow smoke all over me. how rude.ooops...there i go ... on my soapbox again.....anyway,in nutshell your not on your own.keep goin ,we can conquer.

Know What You Mean, Im Only 4 Weeks Quit Tomorrow But Still Get Overwelming Urges Maybe Twice A Day, I Dont Realy Want A Cig, I Dont Realy Know What I Want And It Only Lasts Seconds, But Its Realy Intense And Unsettling. Then In A Split Second Your On Top Of The World. Ive Thought Is It Triggers ? But Cant See Any. Must Be Old Nics Death Throes Eh !

Hey Flippy,

I totally understand what your saying, but I am only on day 15! I hope it doesnt last for years, it is such a struggle, I feel totally worn out by the fight!

You have done so well! I hope I get there!!

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