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Day 9


Hi guys, how are you all doing?

I'm just about hanging on in there - having a bit of a struggle. Although the urges/cravings are not as frequent they are still really strong. I have to admit tonight is the closest I have come so far to giving in :eek:

I am really bloated, and feel like I have gained weight, and it's only been a week! not very encouraging. Has anybody else experienced this?

Having an off day - hopefully things will seem brighter tomorrow

Zena xx

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Things do get better

Hi Zina,

Well if you read my post from last night I was really feeling negative and about to give in but today has been really good.

You have bad days and good days but if you see it through then the feeling is really worth it. Just think about the morning. You have made it to the next day and it will get easier. Stick with it! It is worth it and you will get through it:)

Hang in there Zena, day 9 is known for being a real bitch but if you just try and resist this massive craving hun that will be such a milestone - trust me tomorrow you're going to be SO proud of yourself :) This does get easier pretty soon, I promise! Stay strong and keep up the good work, it is soooo worth the effort not just as far as the obvious health and money but trust me also and most importantly as far as happiness!

Thanks Mark, glad to hear you are feeling better day.

You have given me some hope hehe.

Think I will have an early night. Heres to day 10 !

Zena x

Thanks Francesca, thats just what I needed to hear :)

I'll report back tomorrow

Zena xx

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