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Hello everyone ... im in the process of hopefully going smoke free. Im approaching day 6 of cold turkying it . Would Just like to share my experiences over the last few days. Well i first started smoking as a method of dealing with romantic hurt. And really since then every time i feel a negative emotion i smoke as a method of dealing with it. However i realised that this wasnt working for me in the long run , so i realised i had to quit smoking. As ive been going through this journey , i realised there are two battles. One with the physical aspects and one with the physlogical. So as i mentioned i used to smoke to deal with negative emotions , this i guess you could regard as my physlogical addiction. But after the first couple of days of quiting, i began to realise that feelings quickly change. At times you may be down and at other times you may be up. So what i would say is when you are down , remember be patient , listen to an inspiring song or read an inspiring quote but before you know it, youll be up. Just be Patient!. With regards to the physical withdrawels, i have had headaches , been very irritable at times and been unable to focus. But with every day they have got better and better. I see it as my body cleaning itself and making sure i remember how hard it is to quit and hence never smoke again. Anyways something which helps me when i get close to breaken point is thinking if i had the choice would i be a smoker or a non smoker. and i think my new buddies here would agree with me it is an easy answer. So if you be patient battle through the hard times before you know it we will be a non smokers (hopefully :)) .

"The hardest accomplishments are the most worthile"

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GREAT WORK! You sound like you are on the proper path to your nicotine freedom forever. Everything you said made a lot of sense and you are sooo right about it all. Smoking is so hard to over come but we will all manage to get there sooner or later because if it wasn't possible we wouldn't even try.

Smoking makes us feel worse in the long run and it helps absolutely NOTHING!! It helps us to hide from our feelings and ot deal with things that should be dealt with. Now that we don't have that demon with us, we can cope with things at hand and deal with them instead of putting them on the back burner for a later date!

Good post! Keep going you are doing a great job at being a non-smoker. :D

Your quote "The hardest accomplishments are the most worthwhile"is sooooo true!


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