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Kitten about to quit

Hi everyone,

I have been really encouraged by the messages that I have read and am pleased to see that there are other people out there who are also trying champix. I collect my prescription on Thursday and my quit day is Friday :)

I have tried to quit several times before, I guess like most of us and have never suceeded :( But I am feeling confident this time and am really looking forward to being a non smoker!!

For any of you that are on Champix, I would be grateful for any tips / help / advice or just some encouragement.

Thanks everyone, take care


(in not so sunny Devon)

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Hi Kitten

You are already half way there by signing up here.

I'm not on Champix, just relying on the patches. made it to day 7 and very pleased with myself.

Welcome to the way forward towards a healthy life.You are among a bunch of people in the same boat as you. Together we can do it!!


Hiyah Kitten,

Any questions on Champix, ive been on it for 4 and-a-bit weeks and quit on day 10. Now 20 days of no smoking and feel great! What would you like some advise on?

As for words of encouragement, you'll get loads here.

Welcome and you won't regret it!


Hi Kitten,

Welcome to the board. You're in good company coming from Devon on this BB. There seems to be quite a few of your fellow countyfolk on here.

I start my 5th week tomorrow though not on Champix, in fact I'd never heard of it until I started visiting this board. Sounds like it really helps people though so I've been mentioning it to some of my friends who are currently a bit reluctant to try and quit, but would like to.

Hope all goes well and you'll be coming back telling us how well you're doing.



Hi Sharkbait

Thanks for sending your note through.

Re Champix, I just wondered whether you had had any side effects, or felt odd in anyway, since taking it. I have heard that some people get headaches and feel sick. Just wondered if you had suffered from anything

Thanks and take care



Welcome to the site Kitten x x x x

Plan your quit well and be sure to keep occupied and reward yourself loads :p

~Buffy x x




well done for making the decision. we (my husband and I) are on champix, and i have to say that having given up before, this has been the easiest (well when i say easiest lol) ususally giving up before, i have kidded myself by saying .... one wont hurt .... ill get back on it tomorrow ... but i havnt felt like that with champix, they really work. im on day 22 now, and it seems to b getting easier, but i dont kid myself, there is still hard work to b done, but if we all stick together ......

take care xxxx

ps the only thing i noticed is that our sex drive has gone a bit down hill, just as well we are both on it lmao!


you need set your quit date it says to pick a day between day 8 and 14 so dont rush into it the pills need time to get working!



Welcome to the site you will find this forum a great help,it has been for me.

I am on Champix and i did the full 2 weeks before i quit and i am on day26 and feeling great this is the easiest attempt at quiting ive made, do get the odd dodgy day and there is still a long way to go yet but i have really suprised myself by not touching a ciggy for 26 days, a lot of people have had a problem with nausea with Champix but i have not suffered with that. Main problems ive encountered are extreme tiredness and wind most people suffer from these and it seems to be more to do with nicotine withdrawal than the Champix.

Good luck with the Champix and i hope it helps you stop, but dont forget this forum which is a great help aswell


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