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off on hols 2moro

Hi All

Off on my holiday 2moro so just a note incase I dont have time later. Really looking forward to it but also feeling a bit guilty because as you know son is drinking for wales again and my step dad has cancer and has been taken in to hospital. omg one thing after another the last few months. Well my two youngest children are telling me there is nothing I can do and maybe it will do my son a bit of good. (make him stand on his own two feet) Good luck to you all I will miss you like mad. Mr Linda is still smoke free 15 days today but has been moody the last two days hope he stays strong(so I will HeHe) Will let you know all the goss on my return Love To everyone Linda xxxx

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Stay strong Linda, have a good break, habits are hard to break but you have gone this far, dont let the bug back.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx


The only guilt you should feel is that you haven't given yourself a holiday before!!

You go knock Spain for 6 and have a great time!

Don't think about anyone or anything while you are there! take a real break from everything as your kids said, its all out of your hands and things will take there own course regardless x x x x

~Buffy x


Oh Linda, go have a good time. Nothing will change and if it does there is nothing u can do about it anyway. You deserve this and it is LOOOONNNNGGG overdue.

hugs and kisses



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