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No Smoking Day
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Day 23, 24, 25

:D Good Morning Everyone

Did everyone have a nice weekend and win your battle with the nico monster and stayed smokefree.

Day 23 Saturday

Went out shopping with my Ex wife, mother in law and daughter my ex wife was smoking while we were out and it didnt bother me at all, when i tried packing up before i would be scrounging fags off her she is so impressed with how well i am doing that she is going to try the Champix herself.

No real problems although had couple of pangs in the evening but my daughter stays with me friday and sat night so i was ok.

Day 24 Sunday

Had to get up at 6 to take my daughter to catch coach to london she and friend going for some retail therapy.Another good day, wnet to Trowbridge had a wander around the shops went into Costas for a coffee and a read of sunday papers. Went home had some lunch then went for 2.5 mile run felt better after that. Uneventful evening watched last episode of Rome and went to bed at 10.

Day 25

Managed to drag my sorry arse out of bed at 5 a real struggle this morning, got to the gym had a good session on the cross trainer feel much better now.

Still feel so tired, how long does this tiredness last seem to be going on forever, still suffering with bad wind.

I am worried by the fact that i am having vision of me smoking is this something i should be concerned about, i dont want a fag but every now and again i get these visions/day dreams


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Hi Andy,

Well done on staying strong over the weekend!:)

I'm still suffering with tiredness!

Normally quite good at getting up in the morning but have been struggling since I gave up.

As for the wind, haven't really noticed. Guess I'm just a natural parper.:D


Hi Shell!

Sure i read somewhere that these visions are just another sign that your mind is starting to adjust to being a non smoker.

Maybe its like a daytime version of the nicotine dreams - where you wake up in a panic cos you dreamt you were smoking - only to realise it was just in the dream.

They seem so real at the time!! :eek: Have you had these night time dreams?


Mel.j & Barney

:D Mel.j

Hi how are you coping

i have heard somewhere before about visions hope its true, i dont seem to suffer from bad dreams at night but i do tend to wake up a few time during the night usually to go to the toilet i have never been so tired in my life i normally have no trouble go to bed at 10/10.30 get up at 5 during theweek to go to the gym but since i stopped smoking i have been going to bed at 9 getting up at 5 and still feel tired and its a real sruggle sometimes i even go back to bed for another 1 hr and give the gym a miss, marvelous when i need to be going to the gym to keep my weight down i cant be bothered yet in the 6 months before i quit never missed a day in the gym.


Hi how are u coping

Yeah got to agree with you, i like you am normally quite a windy person but since quiting never had wind like it. and getting sense of smell back doesnt help either


Yeah I'm doing really well!

Went out on Friday night and didn't have any problems (see thread 'Tonight could be the night' in week 3)

Feeling pretty confident that I can beat this now!


Tiredness seems to be a common thread with most people, my problem is I keep losing my voice, hubby thinks its great, anyone else have this problem, also coughing a lot, tho' I think thats to be expected. Keep strong everyone.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx:)


Hi shell, sorry ur having wind problems I too have have experienced this smelly prob. Mine burn on exiting as well has anyone had this prob?!

Its not nice but I guess its just a side effect of our bodies readjusting to our smoke free bodies. you can pick up some good stuff from the health shop though or anti-flatulants from the chemist if ur feeling desperate, me, Im just happy to let it hang loose, better out than in.

Prob another withdrawl side effect with the visions of smoking as well and tiredness, ive been feeling exhausted since the quit and everthing seems like a big effort. Never mind shell it will be worth it in the end and these symptoms will pass and be a distant memory soon enough.

Stay strong.

Charlene. :D


Maybe its like a daytime version of the nicotine dreams - where you wake up in a panic cos you dreamt you were smoking - only to realise it was just in the dream.

They seem so real at the time!! :eek: Have you had these night time dreams?

Me me!!!:eek: I've had these dreams two nights running.

Like, I go 'Oops - heck - how did I get that cigarette and light it and smoke it -you *idiot* LOOK :eek: what you've gone and done'

Anyway, at least I don't dream of sniffing the nasal spray.

Pete :D


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