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Problems with wind


:o HI

I dont think its down to the gum, i on the Champix and i have been terribly windy for the past fortnight but i have been lucky apart from one embarrasing incident not just for me but my poor teenage daughter who still hasnt forgiven me. We went to Bath on tuesday for some retail therapy, i had been fairly lucky and not had to much trouble with wind so far any way we went into M&S to look at shirts and all of a sudden i felt a furt brewing as we were going up the escallators just got off them trying to make a dash for the toilets it was getting serious getting to stage where you clench your butt checks to get them to act as a silencer to late FAaaaaaaaaaart it was really loud people looked round my daughters face went red and she walked of in a completely direction to the one her poor old dad was heading at last i made it to the safety of the gents toilet i have never been so embarassed in my life nor had my daughter, after i wiped me bum, i went looking for my daughter and as soon as i saw her we bothed burst out laughing. M&S is not the sort of shop that you furt in.

We made a hasty exit from M&S lucky not to banned forever. and carried on shopping luckily i managed the rest of trip without a similar incident thank god so yes i will be glad when the wind stops and i will be allowed out in public again especially with my daughter

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it is funny but its bloody awful at the same time lol haha:D

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