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Long Time Since


I have posted. Hope you are all well and hanging in there. Iam now half way through Month 4 cold turkey. Feel fine and had a two week holiday without smoking which I thought would be really difficut.How are all my English friends getting on with the smoke ban ? If it had'nt been for that up here in Scotland I dont think I could have been as successfull. Anyway I'm not taking anything for granted as it only takes one puff to ruin all this good work. Good luck to you all and be proud ! I am.


The Bear.

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Heya bear x x x x x x

Glad your still hanging on in there hen x x

The ban has made life much better here too so glad it has happened. Only problem is with late licences now, loud drunk people are booming till all hours outside the pubs >_< hehehehehe

Swings and roundabouts :rolleyes:

Thanks for posting you are an inspiration to all others x x

Stay strong and hold your head high :D ~Buffy x x

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