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Well I've got this far no turning back for me!!


We'll i had my last fag on monday evening so three days for me. I have a question did anyone start to feel like they were coughing all the time, burbing and feeling off??

If so how long does it last as i'm feeling like i have a really chesty cold.

but hey i will keep going !! :-)

How are you all doing lets keep each other going if anyone whats to talk on a daily basis and help each other though let me know.

See ya later

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Hello Fizz. looks like we started ( or stopped as the case may be) at the same time near enough. I must admit its been a bit of a toughie today. Lost my patch for the second time so that didnt help. Not had any coughs or cold symptons yet but expecting them!

The thing I've been doing so far each time I get a bad craving is shadow box it away. you look a proper berk but it does help me.

Good luck


I'm finding if i keep myself busy its ok as durning work hours your not aloud any more so that has helped. Its the evening that are the hardest but I jst get up a do something hense me sat here now lol

God luck and speak soon

Thats the way to do it! :D

Keep yourself busy maybe even try something new? like drawing, walking or writing etc.

Remember to save up your money and use it to buy yourself some real treats!

~Buffy x x

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