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New to Forum

Hello all

Am new to this forum and have found it interesting to read other people's experiences in giving up smoking. This is my third time of trying. I gave up for a year when pregnant (1999), gave up for four months last year using sheer willpower (started again after going on holiday with my chain smoking sister - there is only so much temptation a girl can take!) and am now on my third week of this attempt. I am using patches and have gone from 10 a day to 5 a week - this week I have had two which have made me feel really sick so not sure why I do it to myself really!

Anyway what I have noticed each time i give up is that everything seems to make me feel unsatisfied, if I eat I feel like I need more, if I drink I feel like I am missing something and end up drinking really fast so end up drunk (:rolleyes: ) and apparently I have turned into a moody lunatic (boyfriend's words!!). Any advice?

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Hello Chi and welcome x x

Carry on as you are x x x you are doing great! if your a bloody lunatic then so am I :rolleyes: and your beloved will have to get over it :D

Keep busy and stay strong x x it is usual to feel like trying to continually fill in a void, it is part of the process and will not last for ever!

~Buffy x x


Hi Chi

Welcome aboard I been quit four 4 months and am going on holidays with my partner next week and was also worried i would give in but 11 days ago he quit so hopefully I will be fine. BE gutted if I give in now after all my hard work HeHe ( it bloody has been) Hopfully third time lucky for you this time you will get great support on here anyway and it is a very big help. Good luck and keep strong Linda xxxx


Thanks both

I will add that I cracked whilst on holiday last year due to (a) being around my chain smoking sister (b) being stuck in a caravan in Devon in the rain with three bored kids and (c) my mum was there as well - I think anyone would crack under that pressure!:eek:

I am also skint as I keep buying myself a little something to reward myself at the end of the week for not smoking - unfortunately a pair of shoes/handbag or dress are a LOT more expensive that 10 fags!

Feels great though to have people to bounce ideas off though.


Hello Chi,

Welcome to the forum!:)

Everyone here is really friendly and can offer you advice on whatever you want to know.

Well done so far!

When giving up smoking, it does sometimes feel like we're unsatisfied. You're compensating food and drink for the pleasure you got from smoking. That'll be the habit kicking in. You associate having a cigarette when you do certain things.

After a meal

With a drink

On the phone

Your brain will play tricks on you, telling you that this is when you have a cigarette. Can take a couple of seconds before you remember that you don't smoke anymore.

It's adjusting to a new routine.

Eventually these thoughts become less frequent to a point where you don't think about it at all, but beware that no matter how long you've quit for, that the craving monster can rear its ugly head and take you totally by surprise.

Did you say that you were smoking and wearing patches?

Have heard thats not a good Idea and can make you unwell. Could be why you are feeling sick.

I'm on patches too and know that I won't smoke while I'm on them as I don't want to o/d on the nicotine. It's when I finish the course that i'll have the challenge to keep off the cigs.

Stay strong!:D




Have gone from 10 cigarettes a day to five cigarettes a week although this week I have only had two fags so next week am aiming for ZERO!

My main temptation to smoke is my work colleague who is a compulsive chain smoker and so I know that if I want a fag all I have to do is ask (or usually he just comes and waives them at me and I end up having an internal struggle with myself not to give in!).

I don't smoke in my house as I have a daughter who is asthmatic, I don't smoke in the evenings or on weekends the only place I ever really smoked was in work. Unfortunately I cannot give up work so am exerting some major will power at the mo!

Anyway it's tipping down with rain (AGAIN aaaaaaaaargh!!) so I hope it dries up enough for us all to have a nice weekend.



Hi new person:)

When I started my quit I used to use the inhalator in the morning as a fill-in before I put my patch on. This worked for me and for the past couple of days (I'm on day 12 now) I haven't felt the need to use it.


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