No Smoking Day

Hey Guys & Dolls

I am at work at moment and looking out of window to see someone smoking, just think that was me a few weeks ago, I dont envy smokers, having to go outside in all weathers, I know it is their choice the same as it was mine, but boy am I glad that I am here and not out there, don't stink anymore. How is everyone doing, well I hope. Keep strong, keep going.;) :D :)

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Morning Jane,

Well done you! :p

I am cool too thanks, stay strong ~Buffy xx


Hello pupalup how are you doing today

its funny i had the same thing happen this morning but the weather was nice. at work they put these special ashtrays right out in the open for the smokers which is fine when the weather nice, but there is no cover when the weather bad like 9 months of the year.

The pub near where i live have put a gozibo (spelling) out the front of the pub on the grass with a table and some ashtrays, i had to laugh the other day as i went buy in the car itwas pouring down and there were half a dozen people huddle round the table trying to avoid the rain. thank god i will never have to do that ever again


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